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Masterlist of all fic, vids, and other stuff

Disclaimer: The fiction presented in this journal is for entertainment purposes only. I claim no ownership over anything at all, and no money is being made.
My Fic

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Fan vids

VID: Just stay there ('cause I'll be coming over) - Steve/Danny

Song: "Sweet Disposition" by Temper Trap (January 2012)

VID: Maps - Chin + Kono

Song: "Maps" by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (November 2011)

VID: Hawaii Five-0: The Movie [mock trailer] - Gen - team

Song: "Mind Heist" by Zack Hemsey (June 2011)

VID: My life would suck without you - Steve/Danny

Song: "My Life Would Suck Without You" by Kelly Clarkson (May 2011)

VID: In this twilight - Gen - team/OT4

Song: "Cosmic Love" by Florence + the Machine (March 2011)

Hawaii Five-0

For Hawaii Five-0 icons, go here.

For my womenlovefest posts, check the I Love Catherine and I Love Jenna tags.

Wingman - Steve + Danny gen - PG-13 - 3700 words

After Steve accidentally comes out to Danny, Danny offers to accompany him to a gay bar and be his wingman. (May 2012)

Five-One - Steve/Danny - PG-13 - 2100 words

AU. Danny should be at Grace's birthday party right now. Instead, he's dragging an unconscious alien across miles of sand. Why do rogue spaceships always land in the desert anyway? (April 2012)

If the mountain - Danny/Kono - PG - 2200 words

Danny spends Christmas alone. Or maybe not. (December 2011)

You take me by the heart when you take me by the fin - Steve/Danny, Grace - PG-13 - ~6k words

Danny wakes one night to find that a baby seal has wandered into his apartment. And it doesn't want to leave. (December 2011)

I'm setting us in stone (piece by piece) - Steve/Danny - NC-17 - ~8k words

After Steve and Danny are exposed to an untested drug during a raid on a pharmaceutical warehouse, they experience some unusual side effects. (December 2011)

Put your money where your mouth is - Steve/Danny/Kono - NC-17 - 1600 words

In which Steve has a wicked tongue, Danny has a dirty mouth, and Kono enjoys both at once. (December 2011)

Almost kind of romantic - Steve/Danny - hard R - ~800 words

Danny switches the phone to his left ear and looks down at his shirt, which reads, I survived BUD/S training and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. "I'm not wearing your clothes." (October 2011)

Like you owe me money - Steve/Catherine - NC-17 - 2200 words

After two days with Catherine in Mumbai, Steve finally returns Danny's calls. (October 2011)

Made my heart come all undone - Danny/Kono - NC-17 - 14k words

The one where Kono gets pregnant and Danny falls in love, twice. (October 2011) Tiny missing scene here.

I'm for whatever gets you through the night - Steve/Danny - NC-17 - 1700 words (co-written with delicatale)

Steve can't sleep. Also, he's horny. (September 2011)

It was on the list - Steve/Danny - NC-17 - ~700 words

Steve treats grocery shopping like a military operation, and somehow it ends in porn. (August 2011)

Best served cold - Steve/Danny, Kono - PG-13 - ~800 words

Kono starts texting/emailing Danny pictures of Steve in his uniform. At really inopportune moments. (July 2011)

sort of like the hilton but without pillow mints - Steve/Danny - PG-13 - ~1300 words

In which Steve gets a much-needed vacation, and prison totally isn't as bad as they make it look on TV. (June 2011)

Daycare AU ficlets - Steve/Danny - PG - ~850 words

3 ficlets about Steve and Danny working at a daycare center. (June 2011)

Back-up Call - Steve/Danny - R - 1,400 words

Steve calls Danny from a sperm bank. He needs a little help. (May 2011)

Sick day - Steve/Danny - PG - 900 words

Grace gets sick. Steve comes over to help. Danny wishes he hadn't. (April 2011)

If you die, I'll kill you - Steve/Danny - PG-13 - 5,000 words

Steve decides to participate in the Death Race, an extreme obstacle course/competition so intense that very few even finish. Naturally, Danny is violently opposed to this idea. (February 2011)

Baby It’s Warm Outside - Steve/Danny - PG-13 - 2,300 words

Steve and Danny exchange Christmas gifts. Collab with nova33. (January 2011)

Blue Hawaiian - Steve/Danny - PG-13 - 2,500 words

Danny drunk dials Steve. Collab with nova33. (December 2010)


Flight Delay - Arthur/Eames - NC-17 - 2,000 words

Eames gets antsy during a layover and finds a way for them to pass the time. (March 2011)

bruises on my knees for you - Eames/Arthur - NC-17 - 1,100 words

Based on the prompt of strawberries. Eames is in the warehouse sucking the everloving fuck out of them, making obscene sounds and it's driving Arthur crazy. (November 2010)

Interlude: Nutsy Bolts - One-sided Eames/Arthur - R - 900 words

Sequel to Heaven Is a Place on Earth. The team plays Nutsy Bolts (online Apples to Apples with a chat feature) but doesn’t invite Cobb. Cobb feels left out. (September 2010)

Heaven Is a Place on Earth - Eames/Arthur, Cobb/Saito - NC-17 - 2,200 words

Sequel to Cardinal Rule #1. The one where Yusuf finally posts his Cobb/Saito magnum opus, Cobb does the diva flounce, Eames writes awful porn, and Arthur is the only one that does any fucking work. (August 2010)

Cardinal Rule #1 - Eames/Arthur, Cobb/Saito, and Arthur/Mal - PG-13 - 1,200 words

Crack fill for the inception_kink prompt of Yusuf writes Arthur/Eames fanfic. Cobb is his beta. Ariadne finds out. (August 2010)

Avec mes souvenirs, j'ai allumé le feu - Eames/Arthur - NC-17 - 500 words

Suddenly, Arthur hears the familiar opening bars of “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” swelling up around them in the small space. His surprise is trumped only by the shot of adrenaline coursing through his veins, the thread of desire that curls around his stomach and cinches like a knot. (July 2010)

Undone - Eames/Arthur - NC-17 - 2,200 words

Suit porn, straight up. Arthur takes Eames to his tailor. (July 2010)

Sherlock Holmes (2009 movie)

Idle Queries - Holmes/Watson - PG - 1,100 words

Holmes kills the dog...again. (January 2009)

Harry Potter

In Search of the Lesser Crested Flame Beetle - Harry/Luna - NC-17 - 800 words

Luna needs Harry's help finding the Lesser Crested Flame Beetle. (January 2009)

The Second Hand Unwinds - Harry/Ron - NC-17 - 3,000 words

Harry felt the first genuine smile he'd worn all day slide onto his face as Ron scraped his fork over his plate and carefully licked the utensil clean. Collab with shes_gone. (July 2008)

Same - Dean/Seamus - R - 4,000 words

It took Seamus Finnigan three years, nine months, and twelve days to realize that he preferred boy bits to girl bits, and that he preferred Dean Thomas's bits best of all. (March 2008)

The Greenhouse Effect - Ron/Hermione/Harry - NC-17 - 2,200 words

One year later, and Hermione was still watching over him, and Ron was still holding his hand, and Harry still needed them more than he could ever say out loud. (February 2008)

Smoke and Ice - Remus/Sirius - PG-13 - 700 words

Remus needs a moment away from the others, to get his hands to stop shaking. Set right after Hogwarts, during the First War. (December 2007)

Right Away - Harry/Ron - NC-17 - 1,200 words

Harry gets distracted at work. (November 2007)

Yours - Harry/Ron - NC-17 - 857 words

Ron remembers the love that he and Harry shared so long ago. (October 2007)

Scent - Harry/Ron - PG-13 - 1,200 words

Harry loves the way Ron smells in the morning. (October 2007)

Consequences - Harry/Ron - R - 7,800 words

AU, set during DH. An impulsive kiss changes everything. (October 2007)

Irresistible - Remus/Sirius - NC-17 - 4,400 words

Remus wants to sleep, but Sirius won't let him. (October 2007)

Big Black Dog - Gen - PG - 600 words

Harry, Dudley, and Petunia visit the toy store. (September 2007)

The Breakfast Club

Don't Dream It's Over - Andy/Brian - R - 34,000 words

Sequel to When You Call My Name. When Andy comes home from college for winter break, Brian finds that a lot can change in three months. He has doubts about where they really stand, even as his own feelings grow beyond his control. WIP, incomplete. (October 2006)
Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

When You Call My Name - Andy/Brian - PG-13 - 12,000 words

After detention, Brian and Andy lean on one another for support and relief from their stifling family situations. As the months go on, they find that their bond is deeper than they realized. One-shot, Brian's POV. (September 2006)

Latter Days

Study Break - Aaron/Christian - NC-17 - 1900 words

Aaron is trying to study. Christian is trying to distract him. (December 2007)

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