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80's themed videos that no one cares about

Okay, since a lot of people had no idea what I was ranting about in my last entry, here's the extended version of the lame Breakfast Club/JCPenney commercial with the crappy cover song:

And here's part of what I was squeeing about, last week's episode of Psych, which is the comedy about the guy pretending to be a psychic detective. The clip might not be funny if you don't watch the show, but it doesn't matter because he does TBC dancing! He does the girls' banister twist/wrist flip thingie, and he does Brian's gun-shooting, forward hop thingie! :D I love James Roday. He's so aware of how ridiculous he is. And yes, that is Rachael Leigh Cook with him.

Okay, I think I've posted like 18 times today, sorry. I think I'm done for tonight, at least.
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