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Obligatory TBC mish-mash post

It has been a TBC themed week for me, so of course I have to share it with all of you, since it is fandom and we're all supposed to squee about dumb shit together.

First off, that JCPenney commercial, which like 18 people have mentioned to me, online and in RL, because apparently I'm just that ridiculous and everyone knows it. A note to all bands ever in existence: STOP REMAKING 'DON'T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME)'. YOU ARE NOT GOOD AT IT AND YOU ARE NOT PUTTING A FRESH SPIN ON A CLASSIC. YOU ARE MAKING ME WANT TO VOMIT IN MY MOUTH. STOP. AND YES, YELLOWCARD, I AM LOOKING AT YOU FOR STARTING THIS TREND IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Anyway, the first viewing was all about, "OMG, I recognize that song, are they acting out the Breakfast Club?!" And then I was like, "Wait, this is worse than a remake!" And then I was like, "Stop being a snob, it's just a commercial!" And then I was like, "BUT THEY DID THE PIXIE STIX SANDWICH, THAT'S SACRELIDGE." And now I'm back to wanting to stab the screen every time I hear that ridiculous version of the song.

Also, Psych was rife with the 80's references this week, IN A GOOD WAY. I loved all of the TBC stuff especially. Wearing Judd Nelson's picture, doing the dances on the roof, references to Larry Lester's butt cheeks, the closing monologue at the end, THE FIST PUMP. I had to bite my lip to keep from squeeing when he pronounced "schola-ship" exactly the way Judd did in the gym scene in the movie. *contented sigh* See, these are people who actually understand and appreciate the film and are allowed to make cheesy references!

And him asking his dad if he could borrow his underwear for ten minutes had me rolfcopting, even if I totally saw it coming. /nerd

OH, AND this week it was extra slashy! The stuff Shawn said at the end with him being his best friend for so many years... *starts writing Psych best friend slash*

Also, while I'm here, everybody go visit tbc100 and write some drabbles! Seriously, it's kind of dead over there and we need your brilliant writing to revive us. This week's prompt is 'prom'.

Um, it's obviously Craig, as I said 80 billion weeks ago. So obvious at this point that I almost don't even care anymore. Nicole and Paul obviously knew it too because they didn't even pretend that Craig was in any danger of going home, and neither did Craig. I almost want it to be Mark or Nicole at the end, just to completely prove me wrong and make me sit up in my seat. But it won't be.

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