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FIC: HP: The Second Hand Unwinds (Harry/Ron, NC-17) with goneoffthelump

Title: The Second Hand Unwinds
Authors: tailoredshirt and shes_gone, with buckets of inspiration and art by reallycorking
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry felt the first genuine smile he'd worn all day slide onto his face as Ron scraped his fork over his plate and carefully licked the utensil clean.
Word count: 3,000
Warnings: Ron's not working for the Aurors or at the Wheezes - does that make this AU? lol.
A/N: A belated birthday present for magicofisis. So, so many thanks to reallycorking, for obvious reasons, and to foretinterdite and nathaniel_hp for the beta/Britpick.

The Second Hand Unwinds

This link takes you to the fic/art at shes_gone's insanejournal, but you can come back here to leave a comment, if you prefer. Thank you.

Tags: character: harry, character: ron, collaboration, fic, fic: hp, fic: slash, gifts, goneoffthelump, hp, magicofisis, pairing: harry/ron, reallycorking

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