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RS_games recs

Here is a list of recs for people who love Remus/Sirius and may or may not have forgotten that rs_games exists. I've been a bad participant and haven't read many myself, but here's what I have read/looked at so far:


Peace - Team MWPP - G - "I think both of these characters are a little bit broken, and I like to believe that they would take comfort with each other." [This is really beautiful.]

Busted - Team MWPP - R - "Sirius finally caves and kisses Remus. And they are both being very careful and mindful of that glass." [Very hot! I love Remus's underwear.]

Sirius' Holiday - Team Post-Hogwarts - PG-13 (NSFW) - No Pants Day! [This is so cute and funny!]

Gorecki - Team Post-Hogwarts - G - November 1981. [Oh, the artist says so much without saying anything at all.]


What Is (And What Can Never Be) - Team Post-Hogwarts - NC-17 - "They were trapped in this hellish circle. Again, it all happened again. Sirius looked frantically around the softly lit room, as if searching for something to give him an answer." [This is such a beautiful, well-written story. Both men are completely in character, the plot is so organic, and the feelings are so genuine. I loved it.]

All of these links are technically work safe because all of the art and fics are posted to a different site. So the links above do not lead directly to anything inappropriate, just the comment page and the voting poll. And everyone should vote, too! Voting ends on June 23rd.
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