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New Community

Okay, yeah, this is one of those community pimping posts, so feel free to ignore it. :p

I wanted to let everyone know about a new community that might interest fans of The Breakfast Club and other 80's films, books and TV shows.

80s_fqf is a fic writing community for 80's-based fandoms. The goal is to give prompts for sadly neglected 80's fandoms and find people who want to write them. For example, if there's a specific Back to the Future fic that you've always wanted to read but have never seen written, then you can request it at 80s_fqf.


Right now, we have an entry where you may comment with prompts for any 80's-based fandom. After a few weeks, the mods will close the prompt entry and will repost all of the prompts, organized by fandom, onto one claiming post.

Community members may then read through the available prompts and choose one (or several) prompts that they would like to write. Once you've chosen your prompts, leave a comment in the post to tell the mods which prompts you have chosen. Then write the fic! (For more information, please read our rules post.)

If you are not a writer, you can still leave us prompts and watch the community.

The community accepts prompts from any 80's movie, show or book. Which means that fans of Clue and When Harry Met Sally and Family Ties and Labyrinth and The Princess Bride can all make requests and find great fic there. Something for everyone, right? :)

Tags: 80s_fqf, fan fiction ramblings, tbc

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