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FIC: Latter Days: Study Break

Title: Study Break
Fandom: Latter Days
Summary: Aaron is trying to studying. Christian is trying to distract him. Aaron/Christian, one-shot.
Rating: NC-17 for mild language and strong sexual content
Beta: Thank you to shes_gone for the edits and ideas and hand holding.
A/N: Written for supercaptain182 in Yuletide 2007. This fic is pretty much porny fun and makes no attempt whatsoever to build upon any of the religious or social issues presented in the film.

Also, a sincere thanks to everyone who reviewed the fic on yuletide. I don't have a way to reply to those messages, but I do appreciate them.

Study Break

Aaron licked his lips slowly, smoothing his tongue over the bottom lip and then circling back up to the top. He was balancing his chin in the palm of his hand, idly stroking his throat with the pad of his thumb. His eyes moved down the page, skimming the words as his breathing grew quick and shallow.

Bill can mow his lawn in 6 minutes. His friend Jim can mow it in 9 minutes. How long will it take them to do it together, if each has his own lawnmower?

Aaron leaned back in his desk chair, eyes still glued to the computer screen in front of him. Math had never been one of his strongest subjects, but he’d always gotten by with decent grades, mainly by studying longer and harder than any of his classmates. But over the years, he’d never learned to master the word problem. His high school algebra teacher had told them time and again that the situation itself meant nothing, that the only important pieces of information were the values assigned to each variable, but Aaron, a visual learner, always had a hard time tearing his attention away from the story. Even now, he was imagining two men pushing lawnmowers through a field of lush, green grass. The sun beating down on them, sweat trickling down their necks…

Aaron cleared his throat and leaned forward, grabbing a sheet of scratch paper from the stack next to the keyboard. No wonder it was taking him forever to finish his quiz – even math problems were giving him dirty thoughts.

“Did someone order room service?”

Aaron looked up to see Christian standing in the doorway to the office wearing a red and white apron that read, “Free hot dog, bring your own buns.” He was balancing a plate of chocolate cake in one hand and a glass of Sprite in the other, and he had his hips cocked to the side in a way that Aaron supposed was meant to be suggestive.

“Is that chocolate cake?” asked Aaron as Christian crossed the room and set the glass of Sprite on the coaster next to the monitor.

“It is indeed.”

Aaron took the fork and prodded the icing with the edge of a tong. “Did you make it?”

Christian snorted. “Oh, god, no. Are you kidding? Andrew dropped it by earlier. I think it was supposed to be a congratulations present for landing the toothpaste gig.”

Aaron smiled and took a bite of cake. “Well, you deserve it. You’ve been waiting for so long.”

Christian sighed and dipped a finger into Aaron’s icing. “I know, I do, don’t I? It almost makes up for that hemorrhoid cream audition.” He paused thoughtfully, finger still dangling in his mouth. “Well, almost.” Before Aaron could reply, Christian put his hand on the back of his chair and leaned in closer so that he could see the screen. “What are you working on now?”

“Algebra quiz,” said Aaron, swallowing a mouthful of cake.

Christian read the problem to himself, then shook his head. “I hate word problems.”

Aaron sighed. “Me, too.”

“And math.”

Aaron sighed again, deeper this time. “Me, too.”

Christian planted a hand on each of the armrests and straddled Aaron’s legs, lowering himself onto his lap. “So don’t do it anymore,” he said cheerfully, taking the fork from Aaron’s hand and gathering a bite of cake for himself. “Play with me instead.”

Aaron sighed. “I can’t. I really need a good grade on this quiz.”

“Can’t you take it again?”

“Yeah, but I only have until midnight tonight before it closes.”

Christian offered Aaron a bite of cake, and Aaron accepted. “Okay then, let me help you with the quiz.”

Aaron scoffed, or at least tried to with his mouth full. “You just said you hate math. And you told me once that the only reason you passed algebra back in high school was that you got one of the nerdy guys to do your homework in exchange for a blow job.”

“Yeah, but I still had to take the tests, didn’t I?” Christian took the plate out of Aaron’s hand and set it on the desk. “Come on, we can figure this one out together. It’ll be fun!”

Aaron started to protest the word ‘fun’, but then Christian picked up the pencil and scratch paper that he’d been using earlier and looked back up at the screen. “Okay, so Bill can mow his own lawn in six minutes, and Jim can do it in nine.” He leaned forward and pressed the paper against Aaron’s chest, using it as a writing surface. Aaron could feel the pencil scratching lightly against his chest, once bumping into a nipple, and he tried not to laugh.

“Six minutes…” Christian murmured thoughtfully when he’d finished writing. “Okay, so now we have to figure out how long it would take if they finished each other off?”

“Yeah, if—” Aaron broke off, frowning. “Wait, if they finished each other off?”

“Yeah, you know…” Christian curled one hand into a loose fist and made like he was jerking off. “Together.”

Aaron’s eyes got wide, even as his body reacted measurably to the suggestion. “They aren’t masturbating, they’re mowing their lawns!”

Christian waved his hand dismissively. “Euphemism.”

“I don’t think it’s a euphemism. I think they’re really just mowing their lawns.”

Christian shrugged. “Yeah, but it’s more fun this way, isn’t it?” At Aaron’s disapproving expression, he sighed and shifted in Aaron’s lap, squirming against him. “Fine, so they’re mowing each other’s lawns…literally. But they at least have to be attractive and muscular so that when they take off their shirts they look better than the guy that does the landscaping for our building.”

Aaron swallowed, trying to ignore the feeling of Christian’s thighs pressed against his hips as he wiggled against him again. “Okay, fine, they’re attractive and muscular.”

Christian nodded and started doodling stick figures on the scratch paper, once again using Aaron’s chest as a writing surface. “I think they should look like the guys in the porno I showed you last week. You know, the one where the cowboys were putting up fence posts and then they stopped to get a drink of water and they ended up fucking against the side of the barn. I think it should be like that. Bill finishes the lawn first and he goes to get some lemonade, and when he gets back Jim has stripped off his sweaty t-shirt and is using the garden hose to wash himself off—”

Aaron snatched the pencil and paper out of Christian’s hand. “Okay, you are definitely not helping.”

Christian pouted, but Aaron could see the glimmer of mischief in his eyes. “I thought if I made it fun....” He wrapped his hands around Aaron’s waist, skimming the thumb under the hem of his shirt. “…that it would be easier.”

Aaron rolled his eyes, but his body was betraying him, and both of them could feel it. “Yeah, sure you were.”

Christian grinned and took the pencil and paper back, twisting around to put them back on the desk. “You know what I think?” he said, turning back to face him.

“I’m afraid to ask.”

Christian reached up to play with the front pocket of Aaron’s t-shirt, smoothing his hand over his chest. “I think that you should take a little break and clear your thoughts.” His hand dipped lower, fingers trailing over his stomach. “Try again later when you’re more relaxed.”

“And I suppose you have some ideas for how I could relax?”

“Maybe a couple…” Christian’s fingers were at the clasp of Aaron’s jeans now, flicking open the top button with his thumb. He pulled the flap open, exposing Aaron’s pale blue boxers, and pressed the heel of his hand against his groin.

“Maybe just a short break,” Aaron agreed breathlessly, and his hands were already at Christian’s thighs, smoothing back over his hips. He pushed up the apron and ran his fingertips through the fine trail of hair below his navel. The only thing under the apron was a pair of basketball shorts, and it wasn’t long before the waistband was shoved down to his hips and Aaron had Christian’s cock in his hand, kneading gently.

“Have I ever told you how sexy you look when you study?” Christian whispered, leaning forward to press an open-mouthed kiss against Aaron’s jaw. His hands were at Aaron’s boxers again, pushing them down so that he could curl his fingers around the base of his cock. “At the computer, or when you’re reading…”

Aaron’s breathing hitched as Christian smoothed the pad of his thumb over the head of his cock. “No.”

“I see you sitting there, biting your lip…” He flicked his tongue over Aaron’s pulse point. “…licking your lips, concentrating so hard. Just like when we…”

Aaron leaned forward and captured Christian’s mouth with his, pulling him down into a deep kiss. Christian slid forward in the chair, and their cocks came together so suddenly that Aaron gasped into Christian’s mouth.

“Oh!” Aaron pulled back slightly, breathing deeply, and Christian pushed his hips up, sliding their cocks together. Aaron’s arms circled his waist, and he slid his hands down over his bare hips as Christian thrust again. There was a roaring in Aaron’s ears, but he could hear Christian whispering gently, his warm breath at his neck.

“And the sexiest part is when you chew on your pencil,” he murmured, pressing his cheek against Aaron’s, “because then I get to imagine that it’s my cock in your mouth.”

Aaron let out a desperate whimper and pushed his hips up to meet Christian’s, spurting his release against Christian’s cock. Christian said something unintelligible and reached down between them, but Aaron pushed his hand away and wrapped his fingers around Christian’s cock, tugging gently. He wanted to say something sexy, something about how he much preferred licking Christian than chewing on erasers, but somehow he couldn’t find the words. So he smoothed his free palm over Christian’s bare thigh and kissed his throat, and when Christian came a moment later, calling his name, Aaron closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against Christian’s shoulder, releasing shallow breaths against his chest.

“Mmmm,” Christian murmured, slumping forward to bury his face in Aaron’s hair. “I should distract you more often.”

Aaron managed a weak chuckle. “So I can fail all my classes?”

“No, so I can brag at work about all of the incredible sex I’m having.”

Aaron pinched him lightly on the arm, and Christian pulled away, clamping a hand over his bicep.

“I’m just kidding!” he exclaimed, rubbing gently at the spot. “I already brag about that.”

Aaron felt his face flush with embarrassment. “Gee, thanks!”

Christian scoffed. “Would you rather I tell them we’re having awful sex?”

Aaron paused, studying him thoughtfully. Christian was looking down at him, eyebrow cocked expectantly, a lock of hair falling into one eye. He was sweaty from exercising, half naked from the sex, and still wearing that ridiculous apron. Aaron smiled.

“No,” he said, pulling Christian down into another kiss. “No, it’s perfect just the way it is.”

Tags: character: aaron, character: christian, fic, fic exchange, fic: latter days, pairing: christian/aaron, yuletide

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