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FIC: TBC: Broken Promise

Title: Broken Promise
Word count: 148
Prompt: eyes
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/genres: language/gen
Summary: Claire should have known better.
A/N: written for tbc100

Broken Promise

Under her bathroom sink, Allison kept a ragged drawstring sack known loosely as her “make-up bag”. There wasn’t much inside: garish pink lipstick stolen from the grocery store back in junior high, coral-colored blush purchased during a failed mother-daughter shopping excursion. And now the eye shadow Claire had given her on Saturday, under one condition.

The brown makes your eyes pop, she’d said sagely, sweeping the applicator over a twitching eyelid. Promise me you won’t use the black shit anymore.

And Allison had promised, nodding earnestly, and Claire had smiled and pressed the compact into her palm and slipped off to meet John.

On Monday morning, Allison dumped the bag onto the countertop, surveying its contents. Her hand hovered briefly over the eye shadow compact before she snatched up the eyeliner, uncorking it with a satisfying pop.

Claire should have known better than to trust a compulsive liar.

Tags: character: allison, character: claire, drabble, fic, fic: tbc, tbc100

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