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FIC: HP: Gradually (Harry/Ron)

Disclaimer: It's not mine.
Title: Gradually
Summary: Harry doesn't remember how everything fell apart.
Prompt: false
Word count: 100
Genre: angst/drama
Pairing: Harry/Ron
A/N: Written for harryron100. Not Brit picked, but I did force nova33 to talk about it with me for much longer than was necessary.


Harry doesn’t remember how everything fell apart. As most things do, probably – so gradually that neither of them noticed right away. So gradually that when Harry does finally realize, it feels like a sucker punch, even if he should have seen it coming.

He wants to blame it on long hours at work, on demanding bosses and mountains of paperwork.

He wants to put a hand on Ron’s shoulder without seeing him flinch and offer a false smile.

He wants to tell him that things will be alright, but the lie sticks like honey to the back of his throat.

Tags: character: harry, character: ron, drabble, fic: hp, harryron100, pairing: harry/ron, slash

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