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H50 3x21 review

So, uh, enter at your own risk because I hated about 95% of this episode.

The format absolutely killed this episode, imo. With a better writer it could've really worked, but it was so heavy-handed and clunky in every possible way. Because apparently "outside POV" means "let's tell you shit you already know and then have everyone act really shocked/sad/scandalized/impressed/sympathetic about it!!!1!" Indulgent much? It also made everyone OOC in the way they had to force out these stories and characteristics in a way the camera crew would pick up on them.

Let's review:

- Chin spilling the beans about Steve's dad's death, and then the long dramatic pause when asked if it had ever gotten personal for him, and then Savannah telling everyone about Malia's death, OH MY GOD I HATED THAT
- Max being totally OOC for cheap laughs. Sneaking a camera into a crime scene, which I have a hard time believing he'd ever do, and then the stuff about going to a party school and being called "Beerman" by his frat house? I seriously hope that was supposed to be him exaggerating and/or lying to impress Savannah because...what. No. That's not ~hilarious, that's fucking stupid, and I'm so pissed that now it's canon that Max was a frat dude at a party school. What happened to smart, empathetic, socially awkward Max who takes his work seriously, likes to go spelunking, and makes pickles? Why was "I went because it was a party school" thrown in so thoughtlessly? Why is that even funny? Because it's so opposite of what you'd expect? Yeah, it's opposite because it MAKES NO SENSE.
- Savannah asking Kono how she got to be so good at ~technology. If Chin was standing there, would she have asked him that question too?
- "They love each other." Thanks, Savannah, for ruining a perfectly cute cargument by slapping us across the face with that observation. Hey, get it? Everyone can see the love between them, even strangers!! (Couldn't she have just looked amused or something?? How the hell does she know they love each other?)
- Rudely asking Cath if she's Steve's girlfriend. I could see that coming a mile away too, them needing the camera crew to know she's dating Steve and make a big deal out of it. I love Steve/Cath and thought that was awkward and clunky as hell.
- Getting half of the story by Savannah talking to us like we're 4 years old and don't know the definition of "alibi" and having to hear it in her grating talk show host voice. (This has nothing to do with Aisha Tyler, who was cute and a little badass in most of the camera footage scenes, and everything to do with the fucking script.)
- The speech at the end about how brave and wonderful Five-0 was. Yes yes, we get it, it's kind of embarrassing that they had someone say it so directly.

I won't even get into the anti-climactic capture of Wo Fat, or why we had to watch him writhing on the ground in agony for what felt like several minutes while everyone just watched awkwardly.

Things I liked:

- Kono playing xbox
- Danny touching Kono's arm when he dodges the camera
- Steve jumping off the balcony
- elevator trip to the interrogation room
- Danny laughing at why she would need to sign a waiver
- Cath telling Savannah that Steve pays her back with cunnilingus
- pictures of Saxon as baby Steve <3

Oh well, next week's ep looks good.
Tags: hawaii five-0, rant

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