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36 Icons: Hawaii Five-0 3x07

So I've learned that making icons is therapeutic, who knew. I made these a billion years ago but hated most of them so I didn't post them. Some of these are pretty weak because I was experimenting. I'm trying to get better at this, so if you have any feedback about stuff you like or don't like, I'm wide open. If I can ever get comfortable with coloring and layers, maybe I can start experimenting with textures. :)

Hawaii Five-0 3x07: 1-36

H50ChinKonotable_tailoredshirt H503x07ChinKonotable2_tailoredshirt H503x07Chinworried_tailoredshirt H503x07Kono_tailoredshirt H503x07Kono2_tailoredshirt 1-5

H503x07Kono3_tailoredshirt H503x07Konocrop_tailoredshirt H503x07Konocrop2_tailoredshirt H503x07Konofierce_tailoredshirt H503x07Konophone_tailoredshirt 6-10

H503x07Konogunatchest_tailoredshirt H503x07Konogunatchest2_tailoredshirt H503x07Mary_tailoredshirt H503x07Mary2_tailoredshirt H503x07Mary3_tailoredshirt 11-15

H503x07Marycrying_tailoredshirt H503x07Marygravesite_tailoredshirt H503x07Marygravesite2_tailoredshirt H503x07Marygravesite3_tailoredshirt H503x07Marygravesite4_tailoredshirt 16-20

H503x07Dorisshocked_tailoredshirt H503x07Dorisshocked2_tailoredshirt H503x07Dorissmile_tailoredshirt H503x07Doriswaiting_tailoredshirt H503x07Doriswaiting2_tailoredshirt 21-25

H503x07Danny_tailoredshirt H503x07Danny2_tailoredshirt H503x07Danny3_tailoredshirt H503x07Danny4_tailoredshirt H503x07Dannycrop_tailoredshirt 26-30

H503x07Dannycrop3_tailoredshirt H503x07SD_tailoredshirt H503x07Steveearbud_tailoredshirt H503x07Stevelookdown_tailoredshirt H503x07Toast_tailoredshirt 31-35

H503x07Toast2_tailoredshirt 36

Caps are from gallicka - thank you!
Tags: hawaii five-0, icons, icons: h50

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