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I don't know if I am sad or angry or just tired

[Warning that this post talks about disturbing "information" and opinions about rape and women's health]

This article basically sums up my feelings about how hard this week can go fuck itself.

I'm trying to process and react to a veritable blizzard of ignorant, rape-related bullshit flowing unabated from the mouths of conservative lawmakers in America. Reading story after story of how, say, a cranky old coot of a doctor peddling medically dangerous misinformation has somehow informed half of the American public's views on women's health care, or how, say, another dude — always a fucking dude — is saying that he doesn't think that pregnancy from statutory rape or incest is really A Thing since he personally doesn't know any pregnant kids or how, say, the GOP is condemning this sort of Wingnut Real Talk while quietly inserting a mandatory ultrasound hat tip/constitutional amendment that would force all rape victims to carry their assailant's child to term into their official party platform has worn me down.

I am at full rape capacity. I am officially in the throes of rape fatigue.

Paying attention, digesting, and reacting to every dismaying War on Women news item that hits my inbox...can start to wear down on a person after awhile...

Along with scores of other women, I watched, agape, when Congressman Darrell Issa hosted a panel on birth control featuring all religious men whining about how allowing women to purchase birth control with their health care plans violated the men's religious freedom.

...And when Virginia lawmakers pushing for mandatory transvaginal ultrasound laws were quoted saying, basically, that pregnant women had already been penetrated vaginally once, so it makes perfect sense for the state to require they be penetrated again, I winced so hard I think I strained something.

...Remember the time when Terry England of Georgia justified his support of a bill that would force women pregnant with nonviable fetuses to carry them to term with the fact that he was a farmer and sometimes livestock delivered stillborn baby farm animals and it was very, very sad? I did, until the memory was temporarily displaced by the next crappy thing a man who is actually in charge of stuff said. I was so fed up with Todd Akin's assholery yesterday and so distracted by the fact that he used a picture of a backlit fetus on the page he used to panhandle for signatures supporting his decision to stay in the race that I missed the fact that he misused YOUR, which is the sort of thing that pedants like me typically receive with gleeful schadenfreude.

Once, during a radio interview, I was asked if the War on Women was a real thing. I laughed like an overacting Bond villain. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I am just going to add all of that bullshit with Julian Assange, and George Galloway calling it 'really bad manners' but 'not rape as anyone with any sense can possibly recognise it.' REALLY BAD MANNERS. THOSE WORDS ACTUALLY CAME OUT OF HIS MOUTH.

And then just this morning: A federal court has ruled in favor of Texas, which wants to ban state funding for Planned Parenthood affiliates participating in a health program for low-income women because the family planning network performs abortions. And Rick Douchebag Perry, my own governor said, "The 5th Circuit's decision is a win for Texas women, our rule of law and our state's priority to protect life." A WIN FOR TEXAS WOMEN. You know, those "legitimate," god-fearing women who think like Jesus Rick Perry.

Basically, can we just have a group hug? Like, right now in this post. Here, I'll go first.

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