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This pretty much made my entire life

Okay, can I just LOSE MY SHIT for a minute? I've already spewed my excitement all over twitter, so I'm sorry to be super obnoxious about it, but it just really made my day and OH MY GOD.


That's Peter Lenkov, the executive producer of H50 who is basically in charge of everything ever, tweeting a link to the H50 season 1 fan trailer I made last year!

I have always secretly wondered what he would think about it if he saw it, since I was so proud of that vid, but I was also kind of afraid of him ever finding it since I'm using copyrighted clips from the show. So to see him tweeting it and calling it amazing is just laskjd;askld If you all could have seen me literally flailing at my desk earlier, I swear to god.

Then I replied to him and said thank you, and he replied/retweeted me and said, "Great work!!!"

I apologize in advance if this is all I talk about for the next 75 years.

Also, here's a link to the vid in question, while I'm being shameless:
Tags: hawaii five-0, vidding
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