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Here are all of the Rizzoli & Isles fics I want

♦ Pregnant!Jane, either accidentally (pre!Jane/Maura) or on purpose. Jane would be so whiny and restless, Angela would be beside herself with glee that she's finally getting a grandchild, Korsak would be all worried and paternal, and Frost and Frankie would be extremely amused by everything. And Maura would be fluttering around taking care of her, buying $3k baby strollers and spouting facts about vitamin deficiencies, and then maybe there is some hot pregnancy sex in the bed they always sleep in together. Why no, I am not writing this of course not why do you ask.

♦ Matchmakers Bass and/or Jo Friday. Come on, tell me that would not be the cutest fucking thing ever, I dare you.

♦ Jane has to tortoise-sit Bass while Maura is out of town. They have lots of deep conversations, and Jane drunkenly informs him that she's in love with Maura.

♦ Jane wonders why Maura keeps breaking up with guys by telling them she and Jane are dating.

♦ Jane gets kidnapped and Maura has to go all BAMF and save the day.

♦ More shooting lessons! More bed sharing! And clothes sharing! And lesbian innuendos! And Jane playing baseball!

♦ OH MY GOD. YOU'VE GOT MAIL. Where Maura and Jane meet on a lesbian dating site and exchange lots of emails without realizing the other's identity. Holy shit, I want this so badly.


I've only just finished 2x05, and didn't get to watch 2x04 because the disc was scratched, so I will probably have more to add to this list later. Also, everyone needs to rec me fics please, preferably with some hot porn but I'm not picky.

Oh, and I said this on twitter, but I love how Maura doesn't even want to bother with going on an actual date, she just wants to get laid. ♥
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