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H50 gen recs

A few gen fic recs while I am thinking of them! I have so much fic to catch up on this weekend.

不甘寂寞 (buganjimo) by perpsi (Steve and Mary, 1300 words)
Mary spams Steve with instagrams from her flight-attendant travels.

This gave me so many Steve and Mary feelings. ♥ So perfect.

Secrets of the Game by brilligspoons (Danny and Kono, PG, 1400 words)
Written for the prompt: Danny and Kono are both bisexual. When they go out, they point out people they find attractive. It's a silly game, but Kono just appreciates that she can let her guard down with him.

Great Danny and Kono friendship fic! This is why I love them together. :)

Snow White Furball by bluflamingo (Steve and Danny, 1800 words)
Steve finds a box of kittens in his truck.

Can't remember if I've ever recced this on my journal, but if not then here you go. Steve adopts a kitten, and there are hugs. Enough said. ♥
Tags: fic rec, hawaii five-0

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