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H50 finale thoughts - spoilers, duh

I'm just going to go ahead and do a little victory lap, because I've been waiting for 5 months to say, I fucking called it! And I knew, I just knew that the very very last scene was going to be Steve saying, "Mom?" I yelled so loudly that I scared the shit out of everyone in my house.

And yeah yeah, everyone's been thinking Shelburne is Steve's mom for a while now, so I'm not original, but I was so proud of coming up with that theory all on my own, so just let me have this little moment, okay? Okay.

But god, Steve. ♥ STEVE. All the Steve feelings in the world. I know it's going to break my heart, but I need to see this reunion so badly. I already have a million feelings about Steve and his mom, and this just ratchets it up a gazillion notches. Because I think what I have always wanted was to see someone take care of Steve, and for him to have a family, and this is going to be angsty as hell (as it should be) but I just really want to see Steve and his mom. :(

Guys, Malia is totally dead. I just feel it in my bones. Which I fucking hate, not only because I like her and I like Chin/Malia, but because she's another lady who gets the dubious honor of getting killed off for a man to angst over. And Rachel is the bad guy, again. Argh, show. Seriously, you're killing me here.

Chin picking Malia is not surprising and I don't blame him. Malia is a civilian and Kono is a cop. He probably figures that Kono has a better shot of getting free than Malia did. I can't wait to see how this affects Kono and Chin next season though.

Danny missing the phone call. DANNY WHY DID YOU LEAVE YOU PHONE IN THE CAR. DID YOU NOT SEE THE MISSED CALL. And his talk with Grace. :( But whatever, we all know he's not leaving.

I have a lot of feelings right now. And as predicted, my desire to work on any of my WIPs is very low at the moment. I want to write all about Steve McGarrett and his stupid face and his stupid feelings, forever and ever. And the McGarrett family and how completely fucked up and soap opera-ish they are.

Also, show? Steve's mom better be fucking awesome, okay.
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