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H50 2x22 reaction post

So, H50 2x22 happened!

I wish I'd loved it. I liked parts of it, mostly the Steve/Danny bits. But the rest was kind of wtf for me. Too much stuffed crammed in (which I understand is probably at least in part because of Alex's hiatus) and too much happening too suddenly, from out of nowhere.

I didn't like the Adam/Kono at all. I don't get it. When I heard the spoiler, I was excited to see what they'd do with that pairing, but I hated the way it was executed. I hated hearing Kono talking in that whimpery voice the whole time. I hated that the whole thing made her look stupid. Maybe if there was more of a lead-in and we weren't just suddenly being tossed into this star-crossed romance with no context, and suddenly I'm supposed to feel super invested in their relationship while Kono's talking him down while he holds her team at gunpoint? And one asked her any questions about it? And Adam held her at gunpoint and taped her up to be left there for god knows how long, but she understood and now everything's okay? Like, they're both attractive people and I'm as shallow as the next person, but I don't get it.

But let's talk about Steve and Danny! Their phone conversations, the hug at the end, Danny being worried that something was going to happen to Steve's plane. Seriously, Danny's "if anything happens to that plane, I'll kill you" was just laksjd DANNY ♥ I loved him a lot in this episode. His face when he was being interrogated, and being worried about Steve. *hugs the crap out of him* He and Steve were both BAMFs and I want them to get married, the end.

Also, teeeeeeeam. ♥

There's nothing spoilery for next week's episode in this entry, fyi.
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