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FIC: HP: Her Hero (R/NC-17)

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, and I’m not making any money from this story.
Title: Her Hero
Gift Recipient: trubbleclef 
Prompt: anything for her favorite pairings
Pairing: Um, a surprise? It’s canon, if that helps. : )
Rating: R/NC-17 for sex
A/N: Okay, I'm not sure how this turned out, especially since I kind of hate the "guess the pairing" device, but oh well. I hope it’s alright! Also, it's unbetaed, sorry. :-/

Her Hero

His trousers were snug, but his shirt was loose and unbuttoned, revealing a chest of pale white skin and a light dusting of freckles. She ran her fingertips over his stomach, following the line of red hair that disappeared into his trousers. 

“Oh…” he moaned as she undid the clasp and slid her hand past the elastic, cupping him gently against her palm. His trousers slid down to his knees, and she peeled the underwear away so that she could wrap her entire hand around his length. When she ran the pad of her thumb over the tip, he bucked lightly into her hand, murmuring her name under his breath. 

“Come for me, darling,” she whispered huskily as she stroked him, leaning forward to kiss the curve of his neck. “I want you to.” 

A strangled sound rose up from the back of his throat, and she knew he was getting close. She could feel his warm breaths against her hair, growing more and more ragged by the second. Another stroke, another gasp and—


Molly blinked and looked up to see Ron staring at her, brow furrowed in concern. He was holding a damp dish towel in one hand and a half-dried plate in the other. “Mum, are you alright?” he asked. 

Molly took a deep breath, hoping her cheeks weren’t too red but knowing they probably were. “Yes, I was just…thinking of something I needed to tell your father.” She felt her cheeks grow even warmer. “Why?” 

Ron suddenly looked very uncomfortable. “Because you’ve been soaping up that rolling pin for five minutes now!”

A/N: And, er, that first bit was kind of supposed to be a bit cheesy, sorry. 

Tags: fic, fic: het, fic: hp
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