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VID: Just stay there ('cause I'll be coming over)

Title: Just stay there ('cause I'll be coming over)
Music: "Sweet Disposition" by Temper Trap
Summary: Life isn't perfect, but sometimes it gets pretty close.
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Content: Angst, pining, families of choice, finding a home; clips used through 2x12
Length: 3:50
A/N: This was my attempt to take all of my Steve/Danny feelings (I have so, so many of them) and stuff them all into one vid. Thanks to nova33 for the encouragement and imaginarycircus for all of her help. ♥

This is for renne, who has patiently explained vidding software and ~technology to me more times than I care to admit, and who shares with me a love for this song. ♥

Password: ohana
HD download link: MP4 (1280x720, 85MB)
Youtube link: Just stay there ('cause I'll be coming over)

Vimeo takes forever, I'm sorry, so I recommend giving it a few minutes to load so it doesn't freeze up in the middle. Also, I think the downloaded version plays better without any lag between the audio and video.

I have other Hawaii Five-0 fanvids here.
Tags: fanvid, hawaii five-0, pairing: steve/danny
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