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2x13 episode reaction

At the end, I jumped up from the couch and screamed, "I called it!" My mom and my cats weren't impressed. :(

I still stand by the speculation I made in this post (with iam_space). Namely, that Hiro Noshimuri was a mole in Wo Fat's organization, Hiro and/or Koji Noshimuri (the latter of whom was a former cop) helped fake Steve's mom's death, she is still alive, and Joe is protecting her. Also that Joe kidnapped Hiro publicly before Wo Fat could get to him, either to protect his cover or to keep him safe.

I spent most of last week rewatching the first season, and I'm through 1x16 right now. I kept that theory in mind while I was watching, and everything fit! Especially in 1x13, with Hiro and Koji Noshimuri. The only part I don't get is why Hiro had Mary kidnapped or why he put a hit out on Steve if he's a good guy, but even Danny pointed out that it was sloppy, so maybe that was intentional. Also, when Steve goes to arrest Hiro, he points out that Hiro left fingerprints on the Champ box. Hiro gives Koji this look, and Danny is all, "Why are you looking at him? It's not his fault." But maybe Danny misinterpreted that look. Maybe it was more like, "Brother, we're screwed." Because then Koji ends up dead at the end of that episode. I'm curious now how that's going to come together, and what that meant. Wo Fat was at that golf game, so maybe that was a clue to him that Hiro and Koji were moles? idk idk!

Also, finally some mention of Jenna! :( AND WHERE IS ALL OF THE STEVE/ADAM NOSHIMURI HATESEX, I NEED IT.
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