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well that was illuminating

Well, the results are in, and everyone has unanimously agreed that Alex's eyes are blue, green, grey, brown, hazel, hazelly blue, definitely-not-hazel, steely blue, blue-grey, green-grey, blue-green, stormy grey, ocean-colored, definitely blue, more green than blue, leaning towards just blue, green first then blue-grey, multi-colored, everchanging, mix-eyes, "switchy," 12-6 on the Martin scale, like ocean waves kissed by the sun, Sarah Plain and Tall eyes, chameleon eyes, that color the sky turns before the twister touches down, the color of a turd drifting in a storm-tossed sea, lol idk, and holy shit he's shirtless.

Thanks for clearing that up for me!

Next order of business is the canon length and girth of Steve's cock ok go.

ETA: Penis pictures in the comments. :D
Tags: alex o'loughlin, idek

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