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The girl with kaleidoscope eyes

Okay, guys! Need your assistance with something that probably won't be too painful for most of you. Tell me, if you will, what color are Alex's eyes? I have gotten the impression that this is a big deal to some people and they don't like to see it written incorrectly in fic, but tbh, I can't tell myself what color they are, and I have stared at many photos of Alex in my time.

I present the following photographic evidence, which kind of sucks but it was the best I could do with all of my co-workers needing things from me today. If you have better pictures, please feel free to post them!

I hate this picture, but it's the best one I could find of his eyes. That's, green, yes? With a little brown in the middle.

Uhhh...I don't know why I posted this picture because I can't tell. But look, he's pretty.

Blue-ish green?

They look almost brown in this picture but maybe it's the coloring of the photos. I'M REALLY BAD AT THIS GAME.

Blue-ish green, heavy on the green, but this is from tumblr so maybe it's the editing or his shirt or idk.


I can't see his eyes in this picture, but look at his face. Are you looking at it? Hi, Steve's face.

Okay, so I think they are blue-green? With some brown in the middle? I've seen blue-grey being thrown around, and I recall seeing photos where that assessment would make sense. It seems like people don't like it if you say that Steve has blue eyes?

"Danny looked into Steve's green-ish blue-grey with brown in the center eyes and said, 'Steve...your eyes are really fucking colorful you have a really huge cock.'"

Please, flist, tell me the correct answer to this burning question.
Tags: alex o'loughlin, alex your face is showing, question/request
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