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Spoilery speculation

Okay, so I have theories about all of the shady stuff happening on H50 these days. Well, okay, I have one theory. I also mention a spoiler under this cut to support my speculation.

So I think Steve's mom is still alive and Joe is protecting her!

Joe's actions have been so inconsistent all season. Like, in episode 2x01, he was all, "Hey son, let's shed some light on your questions about your dad!!1!" And since then he's all, "STEVE IT'S YOUR FAULT WHEN PEOPLE GET KILLED, STOP ASKING QUESTIONS." But I think that for all his shadiness, the show wants us to like him, since you know, it's Terry O'Quinn and they kind of have a hard-on for him. So I think he'll end up being a good guy, although that's more of a feeling I have and there's no real evidence for it.

ANYWAY. Why did Joe kidnap Noshimuri? Noshimuri hasn't been relevant to any of this except for Steve's investigation into his mom's death. Why did Joe go to Japan? All of those postcards are from Japan. Joe is clearly protecting someone, and if Steve finds out it could put their life in danger. Since I think Joe is shady but not evil, I'm betting he's protecting one of the good guys and it'll be a real shocker when it's revealed. So, my theory! is that Steve's dad faked his wife's death and sent his kids away so that they'd be safe, and that was what Steve's dad was really apologizing to Steve for before he died, that he'd lied to Steve about his mom being dead. And he asked his buddy Joe to protect her. And now she's in Japan, which is why Joe went to Japan. And somehow Hiro Noshimuri is involved in all of this. And that's why Steve's dad was communicating with someone in Japan in code via postcards.

Idk, it's all kind of hazy but I feel like there are lots of threads tying all of these things together and it's possible that they could all come together at some point in the future. Maybe if I paid more attention to plotlines than Steve's abs I'd be able to explain this more fully.

Also, this spoiler (this link mentions two separate spoilers for upcoming episodes), which says we'll be seeing 16-year-old Steve in an upcoming episode. First of all, *heart explodes* Second of all, when will the writers decide whether Steve was 15 or 16 when his mom died? Third, this could be very relevant to his mom's death and the mystery surrounding it.

Maybe I just want this to be true because I want to see Steve's face when he finds out. Because I love Steve's face.

Okay, I'm done. Feel free to discuss or tell me I'm an idiot or whatever.
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