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FIC: Motive and opportunity (Steve/Danny, PG-13)

Title: Motive and opportunity
Pairing: Steve/Danny gen
Rating/content: PG-13 for language; no spoilers
Summary: "She's either a witness or an accomplice."
Word count: ~500
A/N: Written for sd_ldws. The word limit was 500, and the prompt was this picture. Thanks to shes_gone for helping! ♥


"Okay, so here's what I think happened. He's getting ready for a ride, someone's waiting for him, maybe in one of these stalls. They knock him out and drag him outside."

Danny squints up at Steve. "Maybe our kidnapper had help."

They're standing in the middle of a large barn, HPD officers swarming all around them. There's no body, just an overturned table and a lot of blood.

"You mean the vic's partner?" Steve says, crossing his arms over his chest. "Chin interviewed him. His alibi's airtight."

"I think you're forgetting someone."

Steve follows Danny's gaze to the back of the barn, then looks back at Danny. "Really, Danny?"

Danny shrugs. "She's either a witness or an accomplice."

"You think a horse knocked out the victim, dragged him outside, threw him in the trunk of a car, and drove off?"

"Well, not the driving part," says Danny. "And likely not the throwing him into the trunk of a car part. But the knocking out and the dragging, absolutely. Horses are vicious animals."

"Vicious," says Steve.

Danny nods sagely. "I had this one case--"

"In Jersey," Steve supplies helpfully.

"Yes, in Jersey," says Danny, glaring at him. "75 percent of the cases I've solved in Hawaii have been with you, so yes, if I'm referencing a case with which you are unfamiliar, chances are it happened in Jersey. Is that a problem?"

Steve gestures for him to continue.

"Anyway, this jockey was thrown from her horse, kicked in the face repeatedly, and then dragged half a mile and dumped in a river. By the horse."

"Did you just make that up?"

"I did not."

"I really think you did."


"Don't get pissy with me--"

"No, literally, shit," says Danny, picking up his foot to inspect the bottom of his shoe. "Goddammit, these are new."

"I have some handy wipes in the truck."

Danny ignores him and walks over to the horse's stall. "Door was open--"

"Because he was going for a ride."

"And there's blood on the ground and the bottom of the horse's back hoof."

Steve walks over next to Danny and studies the horse's rear. "Could've stepped in it. Or it could be our kidnapper's blood. Maybe the horse was trying to defend its owner."

"Or maybe she was tired of being cooped up and wanted freedom."

Steve nods. "So you think Mr. Ed here did it."

"Ms. Ed," Danny says.

Steve gestures for one of the HPD officers. "Have one of the CSIs swab the horse's hoof," he tells her. "Test the blood to see if it belongs to our vic."

"Yes, Commander."

"Also, clear an interview room at headquarters. A large one. With some hay."

Danny smiles at the officer. "Just run the blood please."

"This horse--" Steve checks the name plaque on the front of the stall. "--Merryweather, is either a witness or an accomplice. We'll need to grill her, find out which." Steve holds out a pair of handcuffs. "You want the honors?"

"Don't say it, I swear to god--"

"Book 'er, Danno."

"I hope Merryweather kicks you in the balls."
Tags: fic, fic: h50, pairing: steve/danny

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