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FIC: Untitled (Steve & Danny, PG)

Title: (Untitled)
Rating/content: PG for brief language; spoilers through 2x05
Summary: He had a history of putting his faith in the wrong people.
A/N: I wrote this for week four of the Steve/Danny LDWS but ended up turning in something else instead, so here's 200 words of Steve/Danny flangst (fluffy angst) for the prompt of "faith." Yeah, it's pretty cheesy, 'cause that's how I roll.


These days, Steve felt like he was drowning.

He clicked the mouse again, replaying the tape. He watched Governor Jameson shake his father's hand, then Wo Fat's. Then he watched his father shake Wo Fat's hand, both men smiling, their mouths forming words that Steve couldn't make out.

Steve had a history of putting his faith in the wrong people. Nick, who sold out his country, and Steve, for a wad of cash he never saw. Governor Jameson, who played him for a fool from day one. Joe, who looked Steve in the eye when he lied through his teeth. His father, whose loyalties Steve might never know.

But he did have people he could trust. Chin, who rewarded Steve's faith with unwavering loyalty. Kono, who put her career and her life on the line for him. And--

"Yo," Danny said, walking into the kitchen with a 6-pack of Longboards under one arm. "I know it's only 11AM, but that means it's 5 o'clock in New Jersey, and after this week I think both of us could stand to get a little shit-faced." He set down the beer and looked up at Steve. "What?"

Steve smiled, shaking his head. "Nothing."
Tags: fic, fic: h50, pairing: steve/danny

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