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Made my heart come all undone (Part II)


The next few weeks are a blur.

Ever since they found out the sex of the baby, Grace has been begging them to let her go shopping with them so she can help pick out every pink article of clothing an infant could ever need. She's also been texting him baby name suggestions a couple times a week. He politely vetoed Miley, Selena, and Sharpay.

He stays at the office late one night trying to finish up paperwork he's been putting off, and when he gets home he finds the kitchen a mess, Chinese take-out boxes strewn all over the counter. Kono is in the living room watching television, wearing one of his dress shirts.

"Hey," he says, loosening his tie and throwing it over the arm of the couch.

"Hey. Did you get everything finished?"

"Most of it. I'll do the rest tomorrow." Danny walks over to her, rolling up his sleeves. "You forget to do laundry again?"

Kono looks down at the shirt she's wearing. "Your shirts fit better than mine do these days."

Danny sinks down in front of her chair. "Yeah, well, you look better in them than I do anyway." He runs his hands up her thighs, and she smirks and uncrosses her legs.

"What, your underwear doesn't fit either?" says Danny, arching his eyebrows at her. "Not that I'm complaining because I'm definitely not."

"Too hot."

"Mmmhmm," says Danny, unbuttoning the shirt. She's nearly six months along now, and her stomach is round and firm to the touch. He runs his hands along her hips and up under her breasts, stopping for a moment to appreciate her like this.


"Oh, I don't think you even realize," says Danny, leaning forward to kiss her stomach.

Kono rolls her eyes. "Don't tell me it's some caveman thing, that seeing me pregnant with your baby lights this primordial fire in your loins."

"I don't know what you just said but it sounded really hot."

Kono rests her hand on the top of his head when he bends down to nuzzle between her legs. "God, I've been so horny all day."

Danny groans against her thigh, pushing his hand under one of her knees to give him better access. "You and me both."

"I've been waiting all night for you to get home so you could lick me out. I've already masturbated twice."

"You are seriously trying to kill me."

Kono threads her fingers through his hair, arching into him as he pushes his tongue inside of her, gently. "I wish I could use my vibrator but--ah. I'm so sensitive it's too much."

"Maybe we could make a mold of my tongue and you can keep that in the nightstand."

"You did not just say that."

"Please don't roll your eyes at me while I'm going down on you. It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong."

She tugs at his hair impatiently and he drags his tongue over her clit a few times before she comes with a loud groan, her head thrown back against the couch cushion. He licks her through it until she's shaking and whimpering, pushing his head away.

"God, I love the second trimester," says Danny. "It's such an ego boost."

She sinks back into the couch, spent. "I want you to do that again but not right now."

"I'll do it however many times you want," says Danny, "just let me get a pillow or something because my knees are killing me. Between you and Steve, I'm going to need a knee replacement before I'm forty."

"Please don't talk about Steve after sex. It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong."

Danny stands up and presses a kiss to her forehead. "I'm gonna go put the food away. I'll be right back."

"Bring me back an eggroll!" Kono calls after him.


One of Kono's friends from the Coral Prince surf team throws her a shower and invites everyone Kono has ever met, including all of Five-0, her extended family, and all of her ex-boyfriends. Thankfully, only one of the exes shows.

"He was glowering at me the entire time," says Danny, after everyone has left. Kono's parents stayed after for a long time to help clean up, but finally Kono sent them home. Grace is still in the living room looking at all of the presents.

"He wasn't glowering," says Kono, passing Danny a container of salsa to put into the refrigerator. "He's just a really intense guy. That's how he always looks."

"No, he was definitely glowering," says Danny. "And definitely at me. I think he wishes it was his baby in there."

Kono laughs. "Oh ho, he definitely doesn't wish that, trust me."

"Yeah?" says Danny. "That why you broke up with him?"

"No, that's one reason I started dating him," says Kono. "He didn't want kids, didn't want to get married, and that was just fine with me."

"Huh," says Danny, considering this. "Well, I can see why you started dating me then. I mean, he and I, we're practically the same person."

Kono gives him a sideways look. "That was a long time ago. I was nineteen."


Kono arches her eyebrows at him. "Wanna know why I broke up with him?"

"Is that a trick question?"

Kono leans forward and whispers, "He wasn't very good with his tongue."

"Oh," says Danny. "Oh."

"I mean, there were other reasons," she says, "but that was a pretty big one. Especially since we were pretty much using each other for sex."

"Yeah, I can see where that would be a deal breaker."

Kono leans over to kiss his cheek. "You don't have anything to worry about," she whispers into his ear.

Danny shouldn't feel smug about this but he definitely does. "Well, I guess that's good to hear," he says, following her into the living room. Grace looks up from the stuffed teddy bear in her lap.

"I'm glad everybody got to come," says Kono, sitting the couch next to Grace. "I didn't think Steve was going to stay the whole time."

"Yeah, well, he spent half of the shower sitting in the corner eating nachos and still managed to get four women's phone numbers," Danny says, flipping one of Grace's pigtails over her shoulder. Grace giggles and swats his hand away. "I think one of them was your aunt."

"She'll show him a good time," Kono says, wincing. "God, my back. Danny, I might need you to give me a massage later."


Grace looks worried. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Kono tells her. "My back is just sore sometimes because the baby is heavy."

"My mom's back hurt when she was pregnant with Joshua," says Grace. "She got a bag of rice and put it in the microwave, and then she put that on her back and it made her feel better."

Danny looks over at Kono apologetically, but Kono just smiles at Grace. "That's a really good idea. I'll have to try that later." She nods at the presents still in bags next to Grace's feet. "Can you show me the blanket again?"

Grace had picked out a soft blanket for the baby, pale peach with little rabbits in the corners. She pulls it out of the gift bag and opens it up for Kono to see it better. Grace points out all of the details and the different colors of stitching, and Kono tells her how beautiful it is. She looks tired but happy.

Danny goes into the kitchen to make a couple of phone calls and finish cleaning up, and when he comes back into the living room Kono is asleep on the couch with the blanket spread over her stomach.

Grace looks up from playing with her phone. "I didn't want the baby to get cold," she whispers when Danny gets closer.

Danny bends over and kisses the top of her head. "Thanks, Monkey."


Kono is nearly six and a half months along when Steve calls her into his office one morning. They talk for about fifteen minutes, and when Kono comes out she looks upset but not angry. Danny follows her into her office and shuts the door.

"Everything okay?" he says, resisting the urge to rub her back.

Kono sighs. "We talked. He's pulling me from the field starting today."

Danny tries not to let his relief show on his face. "What does that mean?"

"It means no more active fieldwork where there's any real chance that I'll have to fire a weapon or engage in physical combat. No more interviewing suspects. I'll still be with Chin to interview family members, but after a couple of weeks I'll probably stay back at headquarters full-time to run information."

Danny nods. She's already been sitting out during raids, especially when there are drugs involved and they aren't sure about exposure to chemicals in the building. Chin has taken over the arresting and handling of suspects, but Kono has still been way more active than Danny would like. The knowledge that Chin has been there to back her up has not been much comfort.

"How do you feel about that?" Danny says carefully.

Kono shrugs. "I knew it would happen eventually."

There are a lot of things Danny wants to say, but most of them are some variation on 'it's for the best' so he doesn't say any of them, knowing it'll just make her feel worse. She's wearing a loose-fitting grey top, the kind she's been wearing every day for months now, and it'd be hard to tell she's pregnant if he didn't already know. He wonders sometimes if she's more comfortable that way or if she just doesn't want to remind the team that she's pregnant. He watches her as she leans back in her chair, hands spreading over her belly, and feels a rush of affection so strong it's all he can do not to fold her up into his arms and bury his face in her hair.

"I should call the lab to see what's taking so long," says Kono, sitting up straighter in her chair. "We should have had that trace evidence back by now."

Danny watches her pick up the phone then shoves his hands into his pockets and goes back into his office.

Kono is mostly quiet throughout the day, and when they get home Danny makes spaghetti and they watch television until Kono says she's tired. Danny cleans up in the kitchen and replies to a few personal emails before he goes into the bedroom.

Kono's eyes open when the bed dips. "Sorry," he whispers, pulling the sheet back over her.

Kono just looks at him, the muted light from the window casting shadows on her face. Danny can hear her shallow breathing over the sound of the ceiling fan. He reaches over and brushes a strand of hair out of her face but her eyes never leave his.

There are so many things Danny wants to say to her, words he's been choking on for months, and even now they're stuck to the back of his throat. She's wearing a Newark PD t-shirt, faded and stretched thin with age, and he slides a hand up under it, his fingers tracing her spine as she leans forward and kisses him. The press of her lips is soft, almost tentative, her palm pressed flat against his chest, but then she slides her tongue against the roof of his mouth and Danny gets lost in the taste of her.

She has a pillow between her legs for support, and he removes it and hooks her leg over his hip, settling himself between her thighs. He kisses down her jaw and along her throat as he enters her, her breath hitching right against his ear. They move together quietly, his thrusts slow and shallow, and she's silent when she comes, Danny murmuring endearments against the hollow of her throat.


"And she snores, Jesus. It sounds like my father after a few scotch and sodas."

He's on Steve's couch, eating pizza and watching football. Steve sits down next to him and hands him a beer.

"Is she having any more, like, weird cravings or anything?" Steve asks.

"Not really," says Danny, picking a piece of sausage off his pizza. "She still makes me go to Keilani's for a banana smoothie at least three times a week. I spend more money on gas than actual food."

"How's she doing otherwise?"

"Fine. Tired a lot, mostly." Danny smiles. "She, uh...she ordered me a baby bib online."

"A bib?"

"Yeah, with the Yankees logo on it. And a little matching onesie. It's got, like--" He motions vaguely. "--piping or whatever, on the sides. And the logo in the middle."

"Huh," says Steve, and Danny looks over to see Steve watching him with that same fond expression he was wearing when Danny told him Kono was pregnant.

"What?" Danny snaps, and Steve just laughs.

"Nothing," he says, picking up his beer. "I was just thinking that you look happy."

Danny frowns and mutters, "I'm always happy."

"Happier than normal."

Danny picks at the label of his beer.

"You just..." Steve shrugs. "You know, I'm glad. I know things were tough for a while."

The words since Rachel hang in the air between them, and it's a twist in the gut although not for the reason it would have been a year ago. Because Danny is happy, but he knows from experience that when he's happiest is when everything falls apart, and he's not sure he can take that again.

"Hey," says Steve, nudging him in the side.

"Elbow me again and I will break your arm."

Steve takes a bite of his pizza. "You know, I got you a present for the baby, too."

"You already gave us a present at the shower."

"This is something else, something special."

Danny rolls his eyes. "Please tell me Guns and Ammo does not have an infant section."

"They've got the cutest little thigh holsters, they're so tiny--"

"I am never letting you near this child."


"It says you're supposed to feed the baby every two hours."

Danny glances up from the television. Kono is sitting next to him on the couch reading What to Expect When You're Expecting, one leg tucked her her knee.

"Uh huh," says Danny.

Kono looks up, horrified. "Are they serious? What if she's asleep? Are we supposed to wake her up?"

"Noooo," says Danny. "If the baby is asleep, you pray to whatever god you believe in and you say thank you and you let her sleep. Never wake a sleeping baby."

Kono looks relieved at this, but only slightly. "Is she going to wake up every two hours?"

"Maybe," says Danny. "Depends on the baby. Sometimes babies will wake up every hour, or maybe even more often. Could be teething, or hungry, or even constipated. Or sometimes they sleep through the night. Grace usually slept through the night, thank god."

Kono's expression flickers. "Oh," she says, looking back down at her book. Danny changes the channel to check on the score of the Jets game.

"It says solid food starting at four to six months," Kono says a few minutes later, squinting down at the page. "Start with rice cereal and slowly add in other things one at a time."

"That's so you can tell if they're allergic to something," says Danny, and Kono huffs like it's the stupidest thing she's ever heard. "You also have to be really careful about how much you give the baby. I remember Grace loved strawberries, but one time we gave her too much and she had diarrhea and diaper rash, and it was awful." He looks up at Kono. "What?"

Kono looks disgusted, like he just told her they used to feed Grace pig's blood for breakfast every morning. "God, you're such an expert, why don't you just write a book."

Okay, Danny knows he's stepped on a landmine but he's not sure which one. "I'm not an expert," he says carefully. "I've just been through this before so I know what to expect."

"Wow, have you really been through this before?" says Kono, sarcasm dripping heavily from her words. "Why didn't you say something earlier? I could have saved myself the trouble trying to read about this."

"Kono." Danny reaches over to touch her shoulder but she shrugs him off. "Are you upset that I know more about babies than you do? Babe, that doesn't matter. You're going to be a great mom."

Kono shakes her head and closes the book. "Never mind, I'm going to bed." She drops the book on the coffee table and quickly walks into the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

Danny sits on the couch for a long time, working through the conversation again, and when he finally realizes...fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

Kono is curled up on her side of the bed hugging her body pillow, and when he comes in she doesn't turn over, doesn't even move. He slips under the sheets and scoots close enough that he can talk but isn't touching her.

"I'm a schmuck, I'm sorry," he says. Kono sucks in a deep breath, and immediately Danny can tell she's been crying. "Baby, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to talk about Grace so much. It was stupid. I wasn't thinking."

Kono makes a little sound like she's trying to choke back a sob. "You wish it was someone else."

Danny blinks, trying to figure out what she's talking about, and when he does he can't help it, he presses himself against her back and wraps his arms around her. She doesn't push him away.

"You're so beautiful," he says, rubbing his hand over her belly gently. "And smart and tough and amazing. You're going to be such a great mom, and every time I look at you I know I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I don't want anyone else having my baby but you. Just you."

Kono sobs for real this time, and Danny doesn't say anything else, just smooths her hair away from her face and presses his face against the back of her neck as she cries. After a while, her sobs turn into hiccups and her breathing evens out and he realizes she's fallen asleep. He presses a kiss to the knob of her spine and closes his eyes.


A few days later, Danny and Steve are pulling into the parking lot at headquarters when Duke calls from HPD, informing him that there was an 'incident' at Five-0 headquarters and someone broke in disguised as a cop. Danny doesn't even bother finding a parking spot, just slams on the brakes in front of the building and leaves Steve to park of the car, taking the stairs two at a time up to their floor.

He rushes into the office just as a couple of officers are leading out a guy wearing a police uniform and handcuffs, blood drying below his nose and at the edges of his mouth. Kono is standing in the middle of the room talking to Chin, who is holding an icepack. There's a bruise forming on one side of Kono's face, and for a moment Danny's vision goes dark and hazy around the corners. He scoops her into his arms without a word.

"Hey," says Kono, choking on a sob, and Danny can't say anything for a long time, just buries his face in her hair, one hand rubbing the side of her stomach.

"Are you okay?" he says finally, pulling away too look at her. "Did he--"

"It's fine, it was just the one hit."

He skims his fingers over the bruise, and she stands there as he fusses over her. Her knuckles are a little bruised but otherwise she looks okay. When he finally finishes checking her over, he looks up to see that she's agitated, and maybe not for the reason he would have thought.

"What's wrong?"

Kono huffs and looks away. "I'm a little frustrated."

"Yeah, I can tell," says Danny.

"I hate sitting behind a desk all day," she says. "Is this what it's going to be like from now on? Me running license plates while everyone else chases down suspects?"

"What? Babe, no, why would you think that? After the baby comes, you can shoot whoever you want. I'll line 'em up for you myself and you take 'em down one by one, just like we're at a carnival. I'll even buy you a stuffed animal if you get them all."

Kono looks unconvinced. Steve walks over and puts a hand on her shoulder. "You okay?"

Kono nods.

"He's going to have a pretty bad headache in the morning," says Chin.

Kono snorts. "He was wearing a uniform but I could tell something was off. He looked really nervous. I don't think he was expecting anyone to be here."

"Yeah, I definitely don't think he was expecting that," Steve agrees. "They ran his prints. It looks like he has ties to the Yakuza. He was probably here to see what we have on them."

"Okay, that's it," says Danny, holding up his hands. "I'm not leaving you here alone again."

"What?" Kono looks up. "I can take care of myself."

"Yeah, this time, but maybe next time they'll send two guys, huh? Or a dozen."

"I should have had my gun on me," says Kono, clenching her jaw. "I took the holster off for just a minute because it was heavy and my hips were hurting. It was stupid."

"We'll get you a better holster," Steve tells her gently.

"No, we won't get her a better anything," says Danny. "You shouldn't be shooting a gun anyway. It was stupid for me to even let you be here by yourself."

"Oh, for you to let me?" says Kono, pulling her arm away from him. "Should I be grateful that you've even let me out of the house?"

Danny shakes his head. "You're seven months pregnant. I'm trying to protect you."

"I don't need you to protect me, Danny!" she says, fire in her eyes.

"Cuz, he's right," says Chin. "Until we know what he was after, it's not safe. I'll stay here with you, or Danny can. We can take turns."

"What, like babysitting?" says Kono, and her voice is angry but Danny can see the hurt in her expression. She shakes her head and pushes past him. "Yeah, no thanks."

"Shit," Danny mutters when she disappears through the glass doors. He wants to go after her but his body is still throbbing with fury and adrenaline and he knows if he tries to talk to her now he'll only push her away even further. He looks around for a wall to punch but sees only glass.

Chin sighs. "She'll come around. She'll be fine."

"'She'll be fine'?" Danny echoes, ready to let loose some of that rage in Chin's direction. "You keep saying that but look what happened! Where were you this afternoon, huh?"

Chin's expression hardens immediately. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"What do you think it means?" says Danny. "You're her partner! Why weren't you with her?"

"Danny," Steve says sharply, and Danny looks over at him. Steve's frowning at him, his mouth set in a straight line. Danny sighs, some of the anger leaking out of his body, and looks away.

"Sorry," Danny mutters, not looking at Chin. The word tastes bitter coming out of his mouth. Chin nods curtly.

"I went to get that surveillance footage from the pawn shop," Chin says. "I should have waited until you or Lori got back."

"You did exactly what I asked you to do," says Steve. "It's no one's fault so stop blaming yourselves."

Danny still wants to punch something but he decides he can wait a few hours until he can interview the thug in the cop costume.

"I should go find her," he says, and Steve fishes Danny's keys out of his pocket and hands them over. He's trying to think of where she'd go - not back to the apartment. The beach, probably, but which one? He knows she's got a favorite surfing spot but he can't remember where it is.

"Diamond Head Beach," says Chin, and Danny looks up. "She used to go at least once a week, said it cleared her head. Good surf spot and it's not too crowded."

Danny exhales. "Thanks," he says, and Chin nods.


He drives out to Diamond Head and parks right on the edge of the beach. It's been cold and windy all week, and the beach isn't very crowded. He walks down the path until he sees Kono standing in the sand a few yards from the edge of the water, her feet bare and her arms wrapped around herself. She doesn't look at him when he walks up beside her.


"Hey," she says quietly, hugging herself tighter.

He's been practicing his speech the whole ride over, but when it comes down to it all he says is, "I'm really sorry."

Kono swallows.

"Fuck, Kono," he says, a little broken, "I worry so much. I look at you and every protective instinct I've ever had is magnified times a million, and then to walk into that room and see you there like that, and someone came in and they could have--" He breaks off and looks out at the water.

They stand in silence for a long time watching the waves break against the shore before he says, "I didn't mean to tell you what to do. Lord knows I couldn't stop you from working even if I wanted to, but I don't really want to. I just want you to be happy, whatever you decide."

Kono shakes her head. "Doesn't matter anyway."

Danny looks at her and he knows that this is it, this is where she tells him she doesn't really want to be with him. And it hurts because maybe they wouldn't have gotten to this place without the baby, but they're here now and he doesn't regret any of it.

"Why?" he says.

Her jaw quivers. "All I do is run fingerprints while everyone else runs around and does the real work."

"That's not the real work and you know it."

"It's like this already," she says, shaking her head. "What about after the baby comes?"

"After the baby comes, you'll rest for a while and then you'll be back to work. That's not going to change."

"One of us has to stay with her," says Kono, like she's frustrated he doesn't get it.

"So I'll stay home," says Danny. "Or I'll make Steve build a fucking nursery at headquarters, I don't care. You're not quitting the team."

Kono wipes her eyes. "You can't quit. You're the boss's partner."

Danny scoffs. "So? Lori can work with Steve for a while. I know she's been looking for a place to shove those four inch heels of hers, and after all this time I can't deny the woman the pleasure."

Kono pulls her sweater tighter over her chest, and Danny loves her so much it hurts. "Baby, this isn't like your knee," he says. "You're going to be a cop for a long time."

Kono sobs from somewhere deep in her chest, and Danny reaches over and draws her in close, one hand in her hair, her head tucked into the crook of his neck.

"I hate this," she says miserably.

"I know you do."

"I feel useless."

"You're not."

"You guys don't need me."

"I need you."

"You don't count."

Danny presses his lips to the shell of her ear. They stand there like that for a long time before Kono finally sighs, hot and sticky against his throat.

"I'm serious," he says. "I can't do this without you."

Kono huffs. "I know."

"I don't think you do. Steve's already offered to babysit, and if that isn't the most terrifying thing I've ever heard, I don't know what is."

Kono lets out a choked, snotty laugh against his neck, her fingers curling into his shirt. "I don't know, didn't your mother say she was coming next month?"

Danny pulls away, cups her face in his hands, and kisses her on the mouth.

"I'm tired," she says, leaning her forehead against his. "So tired. I could just sleep right here."

He helps her back to the car, and when she gets into the passenger seat next to him, she leans back against the headrest and smiles up at him, her eyes hooded with exhaustion.

"It's not just the oral sex," she says.

Danny looks over at her. "Pardon?"

"Why I keep you around." She looks at him, her expression fond. "It's not just because of the sex."

Something warm settles in Danny's chest. "Oh, I know that," he says.

"You do?"

"Of course. I give a pretty mean foot massage too."

Kono groans softly, her eyes fluttering closed. "Yeah, you do."


Two months later, Danny is doing paperwork in his office when Kono appears in the doorway, one hand resting on her stomach.

"Is everything okay?" says Danny, jumping up from his chair so fast he knocks over his pencil cup. "Are you--"

"No, Danny." Kono rolls her eyes. "We got the ballistics report back. I just sent it to your phone."

Danny takes a deep breath, willing his heart rate to get back to normal. "Okay, thanks."

"We should rent a movie tonight," she says, levering herself into the chair on the other side of his desk. He starts to help her, but she waves him off.

"We have movies," says Danny, and Kono just looks at him.

"Do you know how many times I've sat through Field of Dreams?"

"That's a classic," says Danny.

"I hate all of your movies."

"So we'll watch that thing Steve bought you, that British miniseries, what's its name." Danny snaps his fingers.

"Pride and Prejudice?" Kono scrunches up her nose. "It's six hours long."

"Oh," says Danny. Yeah, no. "Okay, We can stop and get something good on the way home. Something with lots of explosions."

"No baseball."

"No sports of any kind," he promises.

Kono sits up as straight in her chair as she can manage. "And when we get home, I want to have sex."

"Uh...okay," says Danny. "I think that can probably be arranged."

"I am so over being pregnant, you have no idea," says Kono. "They say orgasms and nipple stimulation will induce labor."

"Um, I can come back," says Steve, stopping short in the doorway.

Kono winces. "We got the ballistics report. I sent it to your phone."

"Thanks, I got it," says Steve. "Max took some photos of the tattoo on our dead shooter. Looks like a gang tat. You want to run them through the database?"

"Sure," says Kono, and lets Steve help her up from the chair. Danny glares at him as she leaves.

"She lets you help her but not me. Why am I even surprised anymore."

Steve shrugs. Danny's about to say something else when he hears someone out in the hallway say, "It's my favorite pregnant lady!"

"How many pregnant ladies do you know?" Danny calls out.

Kamekona releases Kono from a hug and lets her go to the computer table. He walks into Danny's office. "Hey, I know lots of pregnant ladies."

Steve raises an eyebrow and Kamekona sighs. "Okay, she is the only one, but she would still be my favorite. She's the only one who gets free shave ice."

"And Grace," Danny points out. "I, on the other hand, still have to pay."

"Well, that's 'cause they're cuter than you," says Kamekona.

"He has a point," says Steve, and Danny frowns at him.

"Okay okay," says Kamekona, reaching into his pocket. "How about I give you a coupon?"

Danny looks at the piece of paper Kamekona hands him. "'Buy one shave ice, get two free'." He looks up. "Are you serious?"

"What? That's a good deal!" says Kamekona.

"But I'm already getting two free!"

"I'll take it," says Steve, snatching it out of his hand.

Lori rushes into the office. "Uh, guys? I think Kono's water just broke."

Danny's stomach lurches. "What?"

Kono appears next to Lori in the doorway, flanked by Chin. She looks at Danny, one hand pressed against her stomach, and Danny's brain goes a little fuzzy for a second.

"Fuck," says Danny. He looks around his desk helplessly, thinking there's something he needs to get, but his blood is pumping so hard in his ears that it's drowning out everything else.

"Car keys," Steve says helpfully. "Where did you put them?"

"I, uh..." Danny pats his pockets. "I had them earlier. Fuck, I had them, where are they!"

"Sit down for a minute," Chin tells Kono, leading her to the chair opposite Danny's desk. Kamekona looks stunned.

"I have some ice in my car," he says. Chin and Lori give him questioning looks. "Don't pregnant ladies need ice?"

"I don't need ice, I need a hospital," says Kono.

"Where are my fucking keys?" Danny says, flipping over stacks of paperwork on his desk. He looks up at Steve. "Are you sure you don't have them?"

Steve shakes his head. "No, but I have my truck. I can drive."

"No!" Danny and Kono exclaim at the same time.

"I've got Malia's Suburban," says Chin. "I'll drive."

Danny refuses to let her take the elevator, imagining that with his luck they'd end up getting stuck in there and Steve would have to deliver the baby using forceps fashioned out of belt clips and ceiling tiles. They take the main staircase to the lobby, but the building is bustling with people and it's taking forever, so in the end Steve just scoops her up and carries her the rest of the way down.

"Yeah, don't mind me," Danny calls after him. "I'm just the father of the child. It's fine."

"Stay there and I'll come back for you next, Danny!" Steve calls over his shoulder.

"That's not what I--" Danny rolls his eyes. "I hate you so much."

As Chin drives them all to the hospital, Danny tries to talk Kono through another set of contractions but his heart is beating so fast he loses count several times, and finally Lori takes over, holding Kono's hand and talking her through it.

When they get to the hospital, Danny checks in with the front desk and Chin finds her a wheelchair.

"I'm going to call your parents," says Chin, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder, and she nods.

Danny stops to talk to a nurse, and another nurse starts wheeling Kono away.

"Danny!" Kono exclaims, panicked.

Danny rushes over and takes the handles of the wheelchair. "It's okay, I'm here." His hand fumbles for hers, and she squeezes it tightly.

"Don't leave."

Danny drops a kiss onto the top of her head. "I'm not going anywhere."


Tiny missing scene ficlet here (PG-13)
Tags: fic, fic: h50, pairing: danny/kono
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