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FIC: I'm for whatever gets you through the night (Steve/Danny, NC-17)

Title: I'm for whatever gets you through the night
Authors: delicatale and tailoredshirt
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Summary: Steve can't sleep. Also, he's horny.
Rating/content: NC-17 for face-fucking and dirty talk; no spoilers
Word count: ~1700
A/N: Thanks to armillarysphere and theellibu for their help!


Steve runs his hand up along Danny's ribs, earning himself a sleepy groan. He can't sleep, and if he can't sleep, he doesn't get why Danny should be asleep himself. Plus, let's be honest here, Steve is horny. It’s been a long week, with a case that took them all over Hawaii and allowed too little sleep, and even less time alone. And yet now, when he should be happily sleeping, he can’t, his body still buzzing.

“Mmfrn. Go ‘way,” Danny grunts.

"Can't sleep," says Steve.

"'m sorry," says Danny, not sounding sorry at all. Steve presses himself against Danny's back, his foot pushing between Danny’s legs with an insistence that makes Danny sigh. He already sounds more awake.

"Haven't had a full night's sleep in a week."

"Haven't had sex in a week either."

"Need sleep more than sex right now, Steve."

Steve kisses the back of Danny's neck, the skin prickling under his lips. He slides a hand over Danny’s hip, keeping it flat over Danny’s stomach to feel his steady breaths, fingers curling slightly into the fine hairs. Danny sighs impatiently.

"You're such an asshole."

Steve presses an open-mouthed kiss to Danny's throat, just under his ear, as he slides his hand down, resting it on top of Danny’s cock. "You could fuck my mouth."

Danny's cock stirs at this. Steve wraps his fingers around it loosely, smiling to himself at the reaction. Danny groans lightly, turning his head into his pillow, grumbling into it even though he’s already moving his hips forward into Steve’s hand.

“Seriously. Asshole.”

"I know how much you love doing that. Fucking my mouth deep, making my throat raw."

Danny turns over and rolls onto Steve with surprising speed, pinning Steve's shoulders to the mattress. They're both half hard when Danny pushes his hips down, his cock sliding along Steve’s, and Steve’s eyes flutter closed, fingers clamping down on Danny’s thighs.

“C’mon, Danny.” He’s using his hold on Danny to try and pull him up over his chest, but Danny kneels before complying, knees digging on the mattress as he moves up Steve’s chest, his thumb brushing Steve’s bottom lip.

"You want me to fuck your mouth?"

Steve groans low and deep in his throat and hooks his arm behind Danny's thigh, pulling him closer. Danny's tugging on his own cock, settling on top of Steve with a smug smirk that would probably bother Steve in other circumstances, but not right now.

"Tell me what you want me to do to your mouth."

"Want you--" Steve chokes on the next word when Danny pushes his cock into Steve's mouth, and Steve closes his eyes again, tipping his head to be able to take Danny deeper if Danny so wishes, swirling his tongue around the head of Danny’s cock, feeling it grow harder between his lips. Danny's hands are on Steve's face, one cupping his cheek and the other smoothing hair away from Steve's forehead, his fingers tangling in Steve's hair and pressing into his scalp.

"Is this what you woke me up for in the middle of the night?" says Danny, pushing his cock in further. "Is this what you wanted so badly, my cock in your mouth?"

Steve answers with a groan around Danny's cock, his hand sliding up Danny's thigh and over his ass, cupping Danny's balls, rolling them between his fingers until Danny jerks, one of his hands gripping the headboard as he obviously tries to control himself. Steve grins, as much as he can with his mouth full, and Danny must notice because he sits up a bit straighter and pushes his hips forward, his cock sliding further into Steve's mouth until it hits the back of his throat.

"You wanted me to fuck your face, remember?" Danny withdraws a bit and pushes back in, and it's a good thing Steve doesn't have much of a gag reflex because Danny doesn't seem too concerned with being gentle. The hand in Steve's hair tightens as Danny rolls his hips forward, his back arched and his thigh muscles trembling under Steve’s hands.

Steve can feel his own cock leaking precome over his stomach, and if he could even consider taking his hands off Danny he could get himself off in three seconds - he’s so turned on by the way Danny tastes, the way he looks from this angle, the smell of his skin, all encompassing and heady, making Steve light-headed with want.

Danny's cock slips out of Steve's mouth, and before he can reach down and push it back in, Steve takes a deep breath and words start tumbling out of his mouth with the exhale. "Fuck, Danny - C’mon. Do it harder. Do it--”

It's dark but Steve can see the outline of Danny's face, his eyelids heavy with lust. He takes his cock into his hand and guides it back to Steve's mouth, brushing the tip over Steve's lips. Steve licks at it, lifting his head off the bed to take it into his mouth again.

"Tell me how much you want my cock in your mouth."

"Want to feel your dick all the way down my throat."

"You want me to come down your throat or all over your face?"

Steve chokes out a moan, and Danny doesn't wait for an answer, just presses his cock past Steve's lips and all the way down Steve's throat in one thrust. He starts fucking Steve's mouth in earnest, hips snapping forward like he's fucking his ass, the only gentle thing about it his hand on the side of Steve's face, his thumb brushing over Steve's closed eyelids, palm cupping the shell of his ear.

But then even his hand is gone when Danny leans back a little, the tip of his cock resting on Steve’s tongue as Danny’s hands move down Steve’s chest in a show of flexibility that surprised Steve the first time he witnessed it. But then Danny’s fingers are brushing against Steve’s cock, feeling how hard he is, how he’s profusely leaking all over his lower stomach, and Steve opens his eyes, seeing how Danny licks his lips.

“Fuck, Steve, you’re getting off on this, aren’t you?”

Steve sucks hard on the head of Danny's cock in reply, and Danny lets out a strangled noise and pushes the whole thing back into Steve's mouth again, his hand falling away from Steve's cock as he straightens again.

"You love this," he says, breathless. "You love sucking my dick."

The sounds they’re making are pushing Steve even closer to the edge, the sloppy sounds of his breaths when Danny lets up, swallowing saliva and precome, Danny’s loud groans and his words uttered in a low, throaty tone, the bed creaking under them in rhythm with Danny’s movements. Steve brings his legs up, anchoring his feet on the mattress as he thrusts his hips into thin air, wishing for friction, moaning around Danny’s cock, fingers digging hard into Danny’s thigh and ass, muscles locked into position.

“Fuck, Steve, fuck, I--" Danny's balls tighten in Steve's hand as Danny pulls out of Steve's mouth and starts spurting all over Steve’s face, long ropes of come over his cheeks and his lips. Steve closes his eyes, feeling the hairs over his arms stand on end as he darts his tongue out, tasting Danny, his own hips moving frantically for somewhere to bury his cock. When he opens his eyes again, Danny is looking at him with dark eyes, breathing heavily. He brushes his thumb over Steve's lips, and Steve sucks it into his mouth.

"Fuck," says Danny, and tries turning around. He plants a hand on the middle of Steve's chest to steady himself and then twists around so that he's kneeling at Steve's side. He takes Steve's cock into his hand and swallows it down in one swift move, and Steve lets out a choked out noise, his hips thrusting forward. Danny moves back, flicking his tongue over the tip of Steve’s cock before moving away, wrapping his hand around it instead.

"Come on," says Danny, jerking roughly at Steve's cock, and Steve moans, brushing a finger over his own cheek, sucking on it and tasting Danny, and with that he’s coming, choking on his own breaths as he gives in, Danny licking his stomach.

Steve falls back, his legs feeling like jelly, intense satisfaction rushing through his veins. Danny keeps on kissing and licking his stomach, and Steve can feel Danny’s come over his face, wondering what kind of debauched spectacle he makes right now. But he feels more relaxed than he has in weeks, and Steve grins to himself, licking his lips and fingers as he looks up at the ceiling fan.

"What are you smirking at?" says Danny, sitting up on his knees and wincing when he climbs off of the bed on unsteady legs. "You've got come all over your face."

"So do you."

Danny grabs a t-shirt from the floor, wipes his face off, and throws it at Steve to do the same.

"I really do need sleep now," says Danny, peeling back the covers and climbing in next to him. "Move."

Steve wraps his arm around Danny's middle and tugs him toward the center of the bed, closing his eyes and pressing his face into Danny's shoulder. Danny sighs irritably, squirming against him as he tries to get comfortable.

"Still an asshole for waking me up," he says, and Steve smiles.
Tags: fic, fic: h50, pairing: steve/danny

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