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Pimp: We love the women fandom hates


September 9th - 16th

I pimped this fest yesterday, but since then it grew in size and spawned a community, so I am repimping with new rules and links!

The community premise, from the community info:

You choose one fictional woman that you love and against whom, at one point or another, you felt fandom hatred. It doesn't have to be a woman that majority of fans hates (Ginny Weasley, Susan Pevensie, Bela Talbot). It is enough if you read somewhere that she deserves to die because she kissed that guy (Elena Gilbert) or that that bitch tries to act like a man (Kara Thrace). The sad truth is that, probably, every woman in any fandom will pass that criteria.

Every day of the week we post something related to one particular character we choose. It doesn't have to be a comprehensive meta (although that is welcomed, of course). You can do graphics, picspams, write fics, anything that you like, as long as you show how much you love them. It's up to you.

Every character has a post of her own and there, in comments, everyone posts links to what they created.

Posting rules | Check the tags to find women from other fandoms

Individual posts for the ladies of Hawaii Five-0:
Catherine Rollins | Jenna Kaye | Rachel Edwards

*I'm doing Catherine, yay! If I can finish this "Catherine is a BAMF" fic I'm working on, I'll post it on one of my days!
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