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FIC: All you gotta do is say yes (Steve/Danny, PG)

Title: All you gotta do is say yes
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating/content: PG; no spoilers
Word count: ~500
Summary: Another pissing match over the radio results in homework for both of them.
A/N: Written for week two of the sd_ldws lightning round. The genre was fluff and the prompt was "homework." Word limit was 500. Edited a bit from submitted version.


Another long drive back from Kailua, and another pissing match over the radio nearly ends in bloodshed.

"I'm sorry I don't like Springsteen," says Steve, pulling up to a red light. "It's nothing personal."

"You've never even listened to him!"

"That's not true. I know that song, about Jack and Diane."

"That's John Mellencamp."

Steve shrugs.

"Okay, you know what," says Danny, straightening in his seat. "That's your assignment for tonight, to listen to Tunnel of Love."

Steve scoffs. "You're giving me homework now?"

"Yes. The entire album, no skipping tracks."

"Is there going to be a quiz, too?"

"I haven't decided."

"Okay." Steve nods. "Okay. But I get to give you homework, too."

"Oh, great."

"You have to go to Ilani's and pick up a ham and pineapple pizza for dinner."

"Jesus, Steve, what is it with you and pineapple. Why is this such an issue for you?"

"Why's it an issue for you that I don't like Springsteen?"

"Because you've never given him a chance."

Steve arches his eyebrows and Danny sighs, sinking back into his seat.


"It's on Bethel Street, west of North Pauahi."

"I know where it is."

"Want me to draw you a map?"

"I said I know where it is."

Steve smiles. "Been a while since I've had homework."

"You're sick," Danny mutters, looking out the window.


That evening, Steve's trying to decide if he has energy to cook when the front door opens and Danny walks in carrying a pizza.

"I decided if I have to eat this, you're going to help me."

Steve peers into the box. "Looks good."

"I'm sure it does. Do you have any beer so I can wash the taste out of my mouth when I'm done?"

They pop the album into Steve's stereo, and Danny stares down his pizza for a minute before he takes a bite.

"You sure this isn't cheating?" says Steve, sitting next to him on the couch. "Doing our homework together?"

"I always thought of it as a collaboration."

"Did your teachers think of it that way, too?"

"Not really."

They're both quiet for a minute, knees pressed together.

"You know," says Danny, picking at a piece of ham. "This was my make-out album back in high school."


Danny nods.

"That's pretty smooth."

"What can I say, I've always been a romantic."

Steve nods slowly, considering. "That why you wanted me to listen to it?"

Danny shrugs, but he's smiling and so is Steve.

"If you're gonna hold my hand, you should let me know so I can wipe off the grease first."

"I'm not going to hold your hand."

"Okay, good."

Danny leans over, sliding his hand along Steve's jaw before he presses their mouths together, and Steve's pizza slides onto the floor.

When they finally pull away, Steve looks down at Danny's mouth, licking his lips. "You just don't want to finish that pizza."

"You're right, it's disgusting," says Danny, and kisses him again.
Tags: fic, fic: h50, pairing: steve/danny
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