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11 September 2011 @ 09:44 am
For I Love Catherine Day #3, I have 3 Catherine fic recs!


>>> Five People Who Realized Catherine Is Fucking Awesome (and one person who already knew) by leupagus (Steve/Catherine + Catherine gen, R)

Well, I couldn't do "Catherine Is Awesome" week without reccing this very appropriate fic. The title says it all: Catherine is awesome, times six. ♥

>>> Ripped and Ready by topaz (Steve/Catherine, NC-17) - As her suite-mates in college used to say, Cat likes them ripped and ready.

This is the story of Steve and Catherine's first hook-up. The sex is hot, but mostly I love the characterizations, especially Catherine's, and the dynamic between the two of them. They both read so clearly to me.

>>> Just One of Those Things by imaginarycircus (Catherine/Steve/Danny, NC-17) - Catherine sneaks into Steve's house in the middle of the night to surprise him and gets more than she bargained for.

This was adorable and funny and I was doing *chinhands* the entire time. And then I read the sequel and was making so much noise and pawing the air. ♥


Catherine's master post at womenlovefest is here.