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Suit and Uniform Kink Meme banners

Here are some banners you can use if you'd like to help promote the meme. Some of them are better than others, depending on whether I made it at 8PM or three hours later when I was supposed to be in bed. Many thanks to everyone who left me pics, even if I didn't use them. Thanks also to iam_space, who made all of the beautiful Bones and Hawaii Five-0 banners. ♥

I was going to do one big multi-fandom banner, but unfortunately I am not that talented, so instead there are a bunch of fandom-specific banners and some gen banners. I also just realized that I made an Inception banner but it's on my other computer. :| I'll add it later.

Copy the code and paste into your journal. It includes links to the meme. :)

Suit Meme Gen 1

Suit Meme Gen2

Suit Meme Gen3

Bones Cuffs

Bones Booth

H50 team

H50 Steve and Danny

Holmes Watson

Stargate Cameron

Star Trek Bones

Suits Jessica

White Collar Diana

X-Men Erik

Inception Saito

Criminal Minds Prentiss

Castle Esposito

Merlin Knights
Banner by hardticket

Moonlight Josef
Banner by theeverdream

TW Ianto
Banner by theeverdream

X Files

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