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Swap wishlist

I am mostly interested in bottles (full or partial) unless noted, but I would also be willing to swap for decants/empties of those that I haven't tried yet. Unsniffed scents are in italics. Most wanted scents are bolded.

Perfume/scent items

Alchemic Muse:
Carnival (perfume)
Countrycide (perfume)
Honey Balsam (perfume/body gloss)
Lovecraft (perfume/body gloss)
Primeval (perfume/body gloss)

Ambrosia (soap or perfume, partial/bottle only)
Bonfires at Dusk
Claws & Teeth
Comfort 2012 (would like the soap; perfume decant on order, will see if I want a bottle)
Freyja (soap or perfume - decant of perfume preferred)
Growl (perfume or lotion)
Holy Terror (soap only)
Longitude (soap)
Molly Malone soap (would pay/swap very generously for this!)
Star Light (would love a bottle)


Bottles wanted (full or partial ok):
Banded Sea Snake
Death Adder (partial/bottle)
Josie (would be a back-up bottle)
Lamia (would be a back-up bottle)
Liz (would be a back-up bottle)
Lyonesse (would be a back-up bottle)
Madame Moriarty (would be a back-up bottle)
Mrs. Grose (half decant on the way, will see if I need more)
Nanny Ashtoreth (would be a back-up bottle)
Peter Quint (one bottle on order, would swap for another)
Savage: Lady Death

Would consider bottle or decant:
Decrepit House, The
Egg Nog (try me on year/amount)
Fighter (imps or empty/partial/full bottle)
Gacela of the Dark Death
Halloween in the Miskatonic University Library
Hell's Acres Tree Farm
Hippie Ghost (full-ish decant or partial/full bottle)
Marquise De Merteuil
Midnight Mass (try me on year, fill level; would take decant)
Miss Addie
Ochosi (imp ordered, will see if I want a bottle)
Salma (full-ish decant or partial/full bottle; partial preferred)
Spanish Red Carnation SN (any)
Thieves' Rosin

Decants/testers preferred (low priority):
Baron Samedi
Black Temple Burlesque Troupe
Cup of Death, The
Ebisu Making Love As Two Octopuses Look On
Manners Among Men and Women in the Red Light District
Miss Jessel
Somnium Sleep

I collect imps/decants of these scents in cobbled-together bottles (would not mind empty/partial bottles of these scents):


Atmosphere sprays (will generally accept any amount 1 oz.+, unless noted)
Apple Orchard
Dank Tarn of Auber
Down the Rabbit Hole
Lich's Laboratory (tester/decant preferred, would consider bottle)
Mahogany Hall
Mrs. Palmer's Establishment
Unspeakably Evil Temple
Wererat-Infested Sewer (tester/decant preferred, would consider bottle)
Witch's Garden

Bath oils (will generally accept any amount 1 oz.+, unless noted)
Butterfly Nectar bath oil (any)
Eldritch Dark (have 1/2 bottle on the way, might want more)

Snake Oil hair gloss (1 oz. +)
Snake Oil soap

Antique Ornament
Comfy (bottle only)
La Danse Orientale d'Allure et Bien Risque de Madame Collant-Bas
Mourning Dove
Murene (Eel)
White Peach SN

Conjure Oils:
Sacred sweetgrass

CB I Hate Perfume:
Cedarwood Tea
Greenbriar 1968
Just Breathe
Violet Empire

Palmist (perfume, skin glossing oil, or sugar scrub)
Watcher (perfume, glossing oil, or scrub)

Haus of Gloi
Depravity (bottle desperately wanted!)
Eggnoggin (Sample ordered, will see if I want a bottle)
Haus Amber
Honey Tree
Insalata Nocturna
Lavender Sugar
Madcap Garden
Momoko (LE) - Peach infused green tea, dried chrysanthemum and sun bleached cedar wood.
Plotter's Breakfast (LE) - Oatey porridge, stove smoke, kindling wood, a hint of gunpowder and pinch of sweet pipe tobacco.
Pumpkin Queen (LE) BOTTLE ON THE WAY
Queen Mother (LE)
Rosy Cheeked
Snow Wolf (Sample ordered, will see if I want a bottle)
Sweet Potato Treat (Sample ordered, will see if I want a bottle)
Haus of Gloi custom perfumes with any of my loved notes (bottom of the page)

Jo Malone (would definitely swap for samples or 9ml bottles - whatever you had)
Amber and Lavender
Amber and Patchouli
Blue Agava and Cacao
Lime Basil and Mandarin
Nectarine Blossom and Honey
Oud and Bergamot
Peony and Moss
Pine and Eucalyptus (room spray/candle)
Plum Blossom
Pomegranate Noir
Sweet Lime and Cedar
Vanilla and Anise
White Jasmine and Mint
Wild Fig and Cassis

Icon perfume
Smell of Freedom, Part One: Fire Tree perfume

Try me on any products (favorite notes below). I especially love her lip butters, any flavor. I'm also interested in trying the perfumes and other items.

The Morbid the Merrier:
Barnum (any)
Lust: Histoire du Secretaire (bottle)

Portland General Store:

Dark Lady
Sorrow (partial or bottle)

Serge Lutens (all untested unless noted - testers/decants preferred)
Ambre sultan
Bas de sois
Bois de musc
Bois de violette
Bois et fruits
Chypre rouge (would take anything from tester to bottle)
Cuir mauresque
Feminite du Bois
Fille en aiguilles
Fumerie turque
Gris clair (have tested; would love full decant or bottle)
Muscs Koublai Khan
Santal blanc (would take anything from tester to bottle)
Santal de Mysore (would take anything from tester to bottle)
Serge Lutens (have tested; would love roll-on decants or partial/full bottle)
Un bois vanille
Vitrol d'oeillet

Solstice Scents: (I'd swap for bottles or samples of any of these, unless noted)
Lavender Vanilla
Nag Champa
Quiet Night
Shoikan Grove (bottle)
Solarium (bottle, please!)

Grundy (anything)
Pearl Diver (anything)

Violette Market:
Horned Plum Pumpkin
Lydia's Firefly Lanterns (partial/full bottle)
Mahogany Pumpkin
Parchment Pumpkin
Stories for the Mice (any)


Non-perfume items

Nail polish:
Zoya: Neely, Sharon, Natty, Frida, Katherine, Carmen, and Sooki
Essie: Turquoise and Caicos, Mint Candy Apple. Try me on others, especially blues and greens.
Barry M: Mint Green, Blue Moon, Peach Melba. Try me on others.
Butter London: Bluey, Thames
OPI: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Chanel: Vertigo, Infidele, Delicatesse

Everyday Minerals (unused or cleanly tested items only)
Jojoba base: Alabaster
Blush: Ambrosia, Daydream, Snuggle
Eyeshadow: All Spice, Cardamom, I See Stars, Jane Eyre, Lilac Show Parade, My Place, Queen Anne's Lace, Rare Silk


If you see something you like and want to swap, feel free to point me to your list. I'm also open to recommendations if you see something on my sale/swap list that you really want. I will usually trade for wandcaps if you had enough of them or wanted to even out a swap.

Favorite notes: Oakmoss, chypre, leather, wood, cedar, pine, sandalwood, lavender, cologne, vetiver, hay/grass, tobacco, amber, vanilla, shea, peach/apricot/nectarine, and/or plum notes.
I usually/sometimes like: Coconut, coffee, tea, fabric, carnation, rose, herbs (sage, basil, etc.), grass, grapefruit, orange, rum, musks, patchouli. I sometimes like sweet scents (cotton candy, sugar, sweet cream, caramel, chocolate, etc.) but I'm picky about them and usually prefer them in small amounts.
Least favorite notes: Bubblegum, candy, maple syrup, super-sweet fruits that smell like Jolly Ranchers, heavy spices (especially cinnamon or clove), ginger, jasmine, sharp florals, lotus, metals (except in tiny amounts), lemon/lime, grape, spearmint, nuts, wine.
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