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VID: Hawaii Five-0: The Movie

Title: Hawaii Five-0: The Movie
Music: Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey
Length: 2:16
Pairings/characters: Gen - team
Warnings/spoilers: Violence; spoilers for all of season one
Notes: I had this idea a few days ago, and I'm pretty sure I've never had a project fall into place so quickly before. This is basically a mock trailer for Hawaii Five-0, The Major Motion Picture with the Really Dramatic Score. The music is from the Inception trailer, which inspired parts of this video. Like all movie adaptations, it fudges some of the details. And like all trailers, it gives away the entire plot, so there are lots of finale spoilers in here.

The embedded video is on vimeo, which gives me angst because vimeo never seems to play back the audio and video in sync for me. I recommend the downloaded version if you experience this problem as well. Both the vimeo and downloadable file are HD.

Thanks to renne, my most excellent vid-beta. ♥

Hawaii Five-0: The Movie from tailoredshirt on Vimeo.

Password: heist
Download: MP4 (HD, 1280x720, 69MB)
Youtube link: Hawaii Five-0: The Movie

More Hawaii Five-0 fanvids here.
Tags: fanvid, hawaii five-0
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