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Hawaii Five-0 recs

A handful of Steve/Danny recs, by request:

Turn My Sorry Into Treasured Gold (PG-13, ~3600 words) by wook77 - Steve's been missing for sixteen hours.
This was written for me, and it is pretty much everything I love all wrapped into one fic. Steve being kidnapped/hurt, worried!Danny, and the team being awesome and there for each other. Also, Steve wants to teach Grace how to talk to rocks. ♥

Morning at Sea (PG, ~1.5k) by ariadnes_string - Everyone’s had one of those mornings when they can’t get out of bed, right?
This is gen Steve/Danny, a coda to the latest episode. Danny makes Steve breakfast and helps him get out of bed. I could read a million words of this.

Shall Pass Through Fire and Water (PG-13, ~2k) by zinfic - Steve is not coming out of that building alive. Based on the prompt: one (or both) think the other is dead, cue epic reunion with lots of kissing.
Once again, all of my flaily kinks rolled into one fic. T_____T


Also, apologies to anyone who gets random, two-month-old comment replies from me today. >.< I can assure you that I am properly ashamed.
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