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[VID] In this twilight

Title: In this twilight
Song: "Cosmic Love" by Florence + the Machine
Pairing: Gen - team/OT4
Warnings: violence, canon angst, BAMFery
Spoilers: Clips used from all aired episodes through 1x19, no recent plotty spoilers

Then I heard your heart beating
You were in the darkness too
So I stayed in the darkness with you

Notes: Thanks so so much to alba17 for linking me to tutorials and answering my dumb questions, to lihinz for the HD episode downloads, and to renne for looking over god knows how many drafts of this video and offering critique and encouragement. ♥ I really enjoyed making this, so I hope everyone enjoys watching it. :)

On vimeo, since youtube doesn't seem to be a very good place for H50 fanvids. The vimeo link is HD.

In this twilight from tailoredshirt on Vimeo.
Password: oahu

Download links:
HD MP4 (1280x720, ~99MB) | MP4 (640x360, ~56MB) | MP4 for iPod (320x240, ~55MB)

***Since people have asked: please feel free to link others to this post if you wish, no permission needed! ♥

Tags: fanvid, hawaii five-0, pairing: steve/danny/kono/chin, vidding
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