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Alex O'Loughlin's Eyelashes: A Picspam (NSFW?)

This is what I do when I have the day off work and spend it at Starbucks instead of doing Real Things. Parts of this are NSFW because of shirtlessness and innuendo. Also, apparently this is a large picspam, as a warning.

GLASSES laskdj

So many cute faces!

Let's recap these pictures:
1. Grey suit jacket
2. Jeans
3. Pink tie
4. Pinstripe vest
5. Adorable smile/wave combination

Not enough scruff in this post:

Scruff + messy hair = yes please

I don't know which I want most, him or that sweater.

Oh, honey. Only RDJ can pull off that facial hair.

I love this set of pictures a lot.

Obligatory Crotch Shot

Obligatory Shot of Alex, Wet and Shirtless, in a Swimming Pool with His Tattoos Visible

Apparently I need to watch The Shield? He's only on it for 7 episodes.

When he smiles or laughs, my chest physically hurts. Exhibits A-J:


How is he so goddamn hot? This is not rhetorical. Someone please answer.

Between him and JGL, I will be dead from these sweater vests.

A couple of gifs:

Cuteness ♥


He just does that so well.

I think those speak for themselves.

That is all for now. I know you are all thinking, but there are no pictures of Steve! That is because I am saving them for my Steve/Danny and The H50 Cast is Fucking Hot picspams.
Tags: alex o'loughlin, embarrassing myself at starbucks again, hawaii five-0, hot men, picspam
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