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FIC: HP: Undone (Harry/Ron)

Author: midnightblue88 
Prompt: undone
Rating: R
Word Count: 100
Category/Warnings: non-graphic sex 
Summary: Harry gives in.
A/N: Written for harryron100 


There is something almost frightening about this moment, when I start losing control over my own body. I feel it slipping away, like strands of copper hair through trembling fingers. Sometimes I fight it, fisting the sheets and squeezing my eyes shut. Sometimes I don’t.

Ron smoothes a damp palm against my bare hip, and I feel it tugging insistently at my belly button, that moment of release. I arch up against him, and he moves with me, together in one long wave. His breath is warm and ragged against my neck.

“Let go,” he whispers, and I come undone.

Tags: character: harry, character: ron, drabble, fic, fic: hp, fic: slash, harryron100, pairing: harry/ron
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