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Inception prompts for dream_exchange

Um, if you got me for this exchange, please don't be intimidated by the length of my sign-up! I just get excited and start rambling. T____T

My thoughts on the pairings:

Eames/Arthur is OTP, so while I’m not requesting it here, I like hints of it (i.e. Eames fucks Cobb but is in love with Arthur). I wouldn't even mind implied E/A endings (i.e. Eames stops fucking Cobb to pursue a relationship with Arthur) or even mind messy triangles or past relationships as long as Eames and Arthur don't cheat on one another.

For Eames/Cobb, I think Eames is the one most likely to call Cobb on his shit, so I’d love angst, UST, rough sex, and/or fighting here. Nothing schmoopy, although trust and friendship is fine.
For Arthur/Yusuf, competency kink! Being awesome, having smart conversations, drinking tea.
For Eames/Yusuf, mutual respect and humor.
For Arthur/Eames/Yusuf, I love their dynamic (chair-tipping!), so A/E/Y friendship with two of them romantically/sexually involved is fine. (E/A is even okay here if it's subtle and A/E/Y is still the focus.) I would never say no to threesome porn!
For Ariadne/Mal, I do think there is an inherent creepiness to their relationship, but please don't make it dub-con. I'd also prefer to see Ariadne as a strong, smart woman and not just Cobb's psychologist.

Prompts for my pairings:

* Eames reluctantly agrees to work a job with Cobb.
* Smoking at a bar together, not in the U.S.
* Arthur/Eames/Yusuf (or E/Y, A/Y) - talking about books
* Yusuf goes into a dream during a job, and something goes wrong.
* Yusuf stays late to finish work. Arthur and/or Eames finds him or is also staying late.
* Eames/Yusuf or Eames/Cobb, the history of their relationship
* Eames/Cobb/Mal, Eames/Cobb - They were both fucking Cobb, but he really belonged to Mal. And now she's gone.
* Eames/Cobb/Mal - Dream!sex with projection!Mal. Is she just a projection of Cobb's desires? Does Cobb feel guilty or turned on? Does she just want to watch? Does Eames talk dirty to him about his wife watching?
* Eames/Cobb/Mal - Mal wants to watch them fuck.
* Eames/Cobb/Mal - Mal was the one who introduced Eames to Cobb.
* Ariadne, years after the first job, living in France.
* AU where Mal is still alive and working with the group.

laksjd suddenly I have, like 853 Eames/Cobb/Mal prompts, how did that even happen. >.> I PROMISE I LIKE ALL OF THESE PAIRINGS AND WOULD LOVE TO RECEIVE ANY OF THEM. ♥ Also, these are just for inspiration, so please don't feel at all pressured to use them!
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