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Perfume sales/swaps

>>>>> Buy any bottle, get 1 imp/sample free <<<<<
>>>>> Spend $20 and get a free item (list below) <<<<<

♦ Shipping is $3 in the U.S., $4 to Canada and Europe, and $5.00 to Australia. Add $.25 for each additional bottle, including empties and freebies.
♦ I reuse mailing supplies whenever possible.
♦ I work during the day, and sometimes it is difficult for me to get to the postal center in the evenings before it closes. If you need something quickly, let me know and I will try to get it out ASAP. Otherwise, it might be a week before it goes out - sorry!
♦ Feedback is here, and I am tailoredshirt on the forum.
♦ Some of these imps/decants/bottles have come fresh from the lab, others from swaps. I cannot vouch for how these oils were used before I received them, and I cannot tell you with certainty how old these secondhand oils are. Please ask for more info if you have any questions about origin.

BPAL bottles - full unless noted
Atlas (full) - $15
Mallow, oak bark, coffee bean, hinoki wood, and khus.
Dancing Koi (full, wandcap) - $18
Brown musk, leather accord, toasted sandalwood, clove, labdanum, and champaca.
Jupiterian Phoenix (50% from decanter) - $12
Sarsaparilla, juniper berries, Himalayan cedar, Terebinth pine, sweet clove, green tea, nutmeg, and hyssop.
Krampus 2006 (Between shoulder and TOL) - $18
Sinister red musk, black leather, dusty rags, and wooden switches.
Paladin v3 (full) - $15
Reviews here.
Pumpkin I 2012 (50% from decanter) - $10
Pumpkin, hay, champaca, and leather accord.
Tanuki No Oari (~30%) - $6
White peach, golden peach, mango, persimmon, lotus petal, osmanthus, and shishito.

Coconut Vanilla Bean and Tiare hair gloss (2 oz. in original bottle, from 5/12) - $12
Honey Pumpkin Stout bath oil (1 oz. decant, cleanly tested) - $5
A smoky honey oatmeal stout with pumpkin mash.
Shortbread Snowflakes bath oil (1 oz. decant, lightly tested) - $5
Coconut-sweetened shortbread laced with royal icing.
White Tea and Sage hair gloss (1 oz. decant, tested 1x, from 11/11) - $13

Non-BPAL bottles - 5ml, full unless noted otherwise
Arcana: Insolence (full 3.7ml bottle) - $9
Sticky marshmallow, cocoa, sweet cream, cardamom, lavender, and a tiny lump of coal.
Blooddrop: Elixirs for Men: Rakish (cleanly tested once) - $10
Dark clove, earthy patchouli, velvety vetiver, and a squeeze (just like getting goosed) of blood orange.
Blooddrop: Merry (cleanly tested once) - $13
Sugar butter cookies, chestnut cream, sea salted caramels, dark patchouli, nutmeg and rum.
Blooddrop: Red Musk (cleanly tested once) - $13
Conjure Oils: Cupid 2011 (~25%) - $3.50
Bonfire, tonka bean, vanilla bourbon, smoked clove, amber and dark Indonesian patchouli.
Conjure Oils: French Lavender SN (full, reducer cap) - $13
Conjure Oils: The Queen's Knowe (~50%) - $5
Beautiful decay: the smell of the sea and the slow wearing-away of the natural world.
Haunt: Fates 5ml perfume (full, cleanly tested once) - $12
Plum, pomegranate, davana flower, clove, cardamom, frankincense, patchouli, sandal heartwood, red musk, and bourbon vanilla.
Haus of Gloi: Peach custom blend 5ml perfume (cleanly tested once) - $14
Peach skin, apricot, white amber, ylang ylang.
Haus of Gloi: Leather custom blend 5ml perfume (cleanly tested once) - $16
Leather, vanilla bean, white amber, sandalwood.
Possets: Fascinator (full) - $7
This one is pretty dry but sparkling, very high-key bright crystalline musk combined with a more emollient backup musk, a good spritz of sandalwood, and a small amount of cedar and rosewood. This is very sexy indeed, and grown up.
Possets: Feral (25-30%) - $3
White and pink musks wind their way around a wonderful central dollop of labdanum.
Possets: Hennin (~35%) - $3
One of the truest yet prettiest interpretations of the scent of linen (the fabric from which the hennin was made) and a wisp of incense like one would find in church or in the silk imported from China. A touch of galbanum, a whisper of grey musk, combines with a fabric accord which is hard to describe (don't think Febreze, that isn't even close).
Possets: Jefferson (~70-75%) - $5
Skin musk and light green amber are put together in a seamless and thoroughly harmonious way with a touch of galbanum for zest.
Possets: Monsters from the Superego (25%) - $2
Violet and grey musk, ambergris (the simulated sort), patchouli (just the smallest amount).
Possets: Orpiment (between shoulder and TOL) - $8
Apricot, honey, amber and a light and golden musk.
Solstice Scents: Amber (roller bottle, skin-tested once) - $8
Warm, golden, very faintly sweet, a wisp of light smoky depth and a touch of labdanum.
Violette Market: Black Pumpkin (slightly above shoulder) - $14
Dark pumpkin lit with handcrafted pitch black amber tea lights and bog Bulgarian lavender petals.
Violette Market: Creatures of the Snow: Mauve Reindeer Moss (6ml roller bottle - skin tested 2x - slight dip from top) - $9
Wild Reindeer moss, sweet patchouli leaf, and a hint of woods.

BPAL imps (at least 70% full, ask for specific fill level or condition) - $1.50/each, 6/$6, 12/$10, or 1 free with each bottle purchased
Anne Bonny
Ave Maria Gratia Plena
Baba Yaga (x2)
Baghdad (x2)
Black Lily
Brown Jenkin
Bruised Violet Compound
Dana O'Shee (stained label, very aged)
Devil's Claw
Dragon's Hide
Dragon's Reverie
Follow Me Boy
Golden Wave, The - $2
Good - $2
Juke Joint
L'Examen de Minuit
La Petit Mort
Le Lethe
Leanan Sidhe
Loup Garou
Mag Mell
New Orleans
Ogun (x2)
Queen Gertrude
Rapture (x2)
Titus Andronicus
To a Woman
Twenty One
Voodoo Lily
Whoso List to Hunt
Zieba Tree

BPAL/BPTP/TAL decants and limited edition imps (buy one, get one half off)
#occupywallstreet - $3
Bakunawa - $3
Blockbuster (TAL) - $3
Olisbos 2010 (~75%) - $2
Phoenix at Dawn - $3
Phoenix at Dusk - $3
Phoenix at Midnight - $3
Piper at the Gates of Dawn (~75%) - $2
Plum Puddin' (85%) - $3
Pumpkin II (2012) - $3.50
Pumpkin V (2012) - $3.50
Raspberry Thumbprint Cookie - $4

Other e-tailer samples - $1.50/each unless noted
Alchemic Muse: Loukom
Blooddrop: Bat in the Bedroom - $2
Blooddrop: Veil 2011 - $2
Conjure Oils: La Hoja
Conjure Oils: Samhain
Conjure Oils: Water Maker
Conjure Oils: Vanilla Steam (~30, label torn) - $.50
Haus of Gloi: Apothecary
Haus of Gloi: Moon Dog
Haus of Gloi: Peach Mama
Haus of Gloi: Twice is Nice
Nocturne Alchemy: Egyptian Licorice Tea
Nocturne Alchemy: QEB-HWT
Possets: $10,000 (1/2 decant) - $.50
Possets: Ault Park
Possets: Betsy
Possets: Corporations, Sex, and Money - Delaware
Possets: Hennin (1/2) - $.50
Possets: Her Perfume (Marian)
Possets: Id
Possets: Indigo
Possets: Sage and Honeycomb - Arizona
Possets: Ultramarine Blue
Solstice Scents: Kitchen
Solstice Scents: Old Cedar Magus
Solstice Scents: Patchouli
Solstice Scents: Patchouli Sweet Wood
Violette Market: Deer Antlers (2ml decant, tested once) - $2
Violette Market: Golden Temple
Violette Market: Monk's Delight (1/2 decant) - $.50
Violette Market: Sri Lanka Cargo
Violette Market: West Indies
Violette Market: White Petal
Violette Market: White Vapor

Empties (free with purchase, add $.25 for shipping)
Arcana: Inconstancy (testable)
BPAL: Calaveras
BPAL: Josie (testable)
Possets: Iowa (testable)
Possets: Orange Pekoe Tea

Spend $20 and get one of these free:
Blooddrop: Jackie O'Lantern (2ml perfume oil sample)
No notes listed. Smells sweet and spicy, prominent clove note.
Blooddrop: White Pumpkin soy soap (2 small soaps, sealed and unopened)
Violette Market: Deer Antlers (2ml decant, tested once)
Dry white sandalwood touched lightly by sage smoke.

If you'd like to swap, my wishlist is here.
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