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Wizard Love recs

I've just been catching up with some wizard_love fic and art, and I thought I would rec a few pieces that I've particularly enjoyed.

Timing (Teddy/Hermione, R)
This was for me, so maybe I'm a bit biased! This is an infidelity story, so please beware if you don't like that. Hermione and Ron are having trouble in their marriage, and Hermione turns to Teddy for comfort. I really loved the messiness of the situation and the relationships. It all felt very real.

Tea and Pastries for the Dead (Snape/Tonks, PG-13)
I didn't know what to expect with this pairing, but I was really pleasantly surprised! This is a post-war fic with just the right blend of angst and humor. Both of them were so in character, and the dialogue was great.

Revenge (Ginny/Scorpius, R)
I love this art! Ginny is fabulously wicked, and gorgeous. And, uh, Harry/Ginny lovers beware?

Find Your Way By Moonlight (Draco/Luna, PG-13)
This is such a pretty, peaceful piece. I love the colors.

Underneath the Stars (Harry/Hermione, NC-17)
Guh, this is gorgeous. Hermione is so beautiful, with her wild hair and lovely skin. I love it.

Crumple-Nosed Cockblocker (Harry/Luna, R)
LOL, I love this so much. Harry and Luna are interrupted on their honeymoon, and Luna is delighted. So cute. ♥
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