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Holmes/Watson recs

A handful of Holmes/Watson recs, in case anyone is interested. I can't even remember all of the great fics I've read over the last week or so, but here are a few:

Infinite Variations Upon a Single Moment by lisztful (PG) - Transgender!Holmes fic. Holmes presents a case of a very personal nature for Watson to ponder.

A seriously beautiful story! I was curious to see what the author would do with the transgendered theme, if it would just be a genderswap fic in disguise, but it explores the issue in a really lovely way. The writing is beautiful, and the dialogue is perfect. It's also romantic as hell. ♥

Warm to Me by hollybennett123 (R for sex) - London is experiencing a heatwave; luckily for them, Holmes and Watson have each other for company.

This is a very hot, sensual ficlet about Holmes and Watson sexing each other up during a heat wave.

The Art of Balancing by blacktofade (NC-17 for sex) - Based on the prompt: Holmes and Watson are arguing about Watson moving out. This leads to them pushing each other up against walls and lots of angry, sloppy kissing and ends with Watson giving Holmes a really filthy blow job.

What I loved most about this one was how well it sums up the characters and the relationship dynamic, especially in the dialogue. I also loved the hot, realistic sex.

I've read lots of others, but I'll save them for another post.
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