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Sherlock Holmes download

If anyone would like to download Sherlock Holmes (2009), I have uploaded it here. It is a DVD screener version, so a watermark pops up a few times throughout. It seems to be good quality. It is a 2GB .avi file, unzipped and ready to play. If you want to share the link with a friend, it's fine. Just don't, like, post the link to a comm or something.

Disclaimer: I am not anyone's parent. Do with this what you like. If you don't want to download, don't. I figure some of us fic writers might need refreshers on our canon, so to speak, so this can tide us over until March! And, you know, we need more screencaps for icons, ok!

ETAII: Some people are experiencing issues with the sound, and some helpful people offered their advice here and here.

Also, a couple of users have reported that they are only able to download 1GB of the file, which means they are only able to view half of the film. I honestly have no idea what is going on there, because the file is 2GB and contains the entire film. Does anyone have any ideas about why it would be doing that? [ETA: Solutions: Try downloading again, or try this to resume broken downloads.]

ETAIII: To download an AVI player, I have a few links here.

1/20/2010: Because my bandwidth is running out, I am not keeping the link public. If you would like to download the film, please leave a comment to this post or PM me. I will message you the link.

I'm apologize, but this file is no longer available for download.
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