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Friending policies + more fun stuff about my journal

Friending/defriending policy: Some of my entries are friends-locked. All of my fan fiction is unlocked.

If you would like to get fic updates, feel free to add me. You don't have to ask permission. You may friend and defriend this journal as you like. Just know that some of my non-fic posts are not friends-locked, so they might pop up on your flist.

I do not make friends-cut posts when I remove someone from my flist, nor do I reply to "comment to stay on my flist" posts. It is up to you if you want to keep reading my posts. I don't think defriending is a big deal, so please don't take it personally if I remove you! I feel like if we gave it a shot as friends but aren't motivated to interact much, for whatever reason, then it makes sense to part ways rather than skim past each other's entries all the time. Additionally, if you express sexist/racist/homophobic views or are lax about putting spoilers behind a cut, I will probably remove you from my flist. I also tend to remove people who dampen my enjoyment of fandom/LJ/life in any way. Life is too short. I recognize your right to express your opinions, just as I hope you'll understand that I don't want to read about them if they are constantly showing up on my flist.

If you'd like me to friend you back then just let me know by commenting here. This journal is part fic, part fandom squee, part real life whinging, and part nonsense. If this sounds good to you, then welcome! I may not friend back automatically, but please say hello! If I've seen you around, I'll probably friend back. :)

Commenting on fics or other things: I have PMs enabled, so feel free to PM me about anything at any time. If you notice a typo/error in a fic, you're welcome to let me know in your comment. If you would like to leave more extensive criticism, I would prefer a PM. This is partially for my ego and partially because I don't want any other readers jumping all over someone for leaving perfectly valid suggestions. I welcome thoughtful constructive criticism, particularly if you feel that any aspect of my fic is problematic in terms of race or ethnicity, gender and/or sex, sexuality, etc.
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