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Golden Globes and other stuff

I'm not really sure why, but I'm watching the Golden Globe red carpet pre-show. Can I just take this moment to express my all-consuming love for Dustin Hoffman? Not only is he a wonderful actor, but he's also just so damn likeable. I really want to see his new movie Last Chance Harvey with Emma Thompson.

Oh, Kate and Leo! I admit that I've shipped them ever since Titanic. Not in real life or anything, but...okay, maybe a little bit. ♥ I can't wait to see Revolutionary Road. I had free passes to go see it last week but passed up the chance. Has anyone ever read the book? I've got this thing about reading the book before I see a movie, but I don't always follow though. I've got copies of Revolutionary Road and Benjamin Button but I've been reading other stuff lately - actual books, shock, gasp! - so I guess I'm wondering if either of those two are worth it or if I should just give in and see the films. Oh, and The Reader! Has anyone read that one?

And speaking of books, I just read a great one - Eon: Dragoneye Reborn. It was a fantastic grown-up fantasy. I read the last 400 pages in one sitting, and I was completely absorbed. It had some interesting things to say about gender, which was a bit unexpected in a fantasy novel aimed at teenagers. If anyone reads it let me know! I'm dying to discuss it with someone. I gave it to my mom and she's reading it right now. She never reads fantasy, but she said, "Well, you were right about Harry Potter, so I guess I have to."

Aw, Kate Winslet just won for The Reader. I just adore her. If I started working towards it now, could I someday become as gorgeous and talented as she is?

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