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Fic: In Search of the Lesser Crested Flame Beetle (Harry/Luna, NC-17)

Title: In Search of the Lesser Crested Flame Beetle
Pairing: Harry/Luna
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PWP, slight risk of getting caught.
Word count: ~800
Summary: Luna needs Harry's help finding the Lesser Crested Flame Beetle.
Author's Note: For tjs_whatnot, who gave me the prompt of Harry/Luna and looking for something in a cave. I was supposed to finish this by midnight, but it was also supposed to be a drabble so I suppose nothing went the way it was supposed to. Thanks to shes_gone for the quick beta, although I did make lots of changes after her initial read-through, so any mistakes are mine.

In Search of the Lesser Crested Flame Beetle

"I just…are you sure we're allowed to be here?" Harry asked, glancing out of the mouth of the cave. He could see smaller groups of students standing around a few hundred meters away, peering through the trees with Omnioculars as Professor Sprout pointed out various plant species. Professor McGonagall stood further back, observing a group of rowdy 6th Years and probably wondering whether a mid-term field trip was such a good idea after all.

"Oh, I'm certain that we're not supposed to be here," said Luna, pulling Harry away from the entrance and leading him further into the cave, which was large enough that he couldn't see exactly how large it was. "But don't worry, we'll be quick and no one will know we were gone."

"All right," said Harry, with one last nervous glance at the mouth of the cave. He let her lead him further inside, over piles of rocks, until he could barely see anything for lack of light. "What are we looking for then?" he asked. "A Flame Beetle or—" He was cut off when a soft pair of lips captured his in a kiss, and he was pushed gently against the wall of the cave.

Luna was a really good kisser. It was something he'd definitely learned to appreciate when they'd started dating -- or courting as she called it, although Harry was pretty sure that no courtship had ever been as strange as theirs. But Harry had learned to stop trying to anticipate anything where Luna was concerned, since she usually shattered all of his expectations anyway.

"You smell good today, Harry," she told him as she slid her lips down to his jaw, then his throat, tugging at the collar of his shirt for better access. He cupped her face in his hands as she kissed his collarbone, her hands wandering down to fiddle with his belt buckle.

"Luna!" he exclaimed as she abandoned his throat and slithered down to her knees to unclasp his belt. "Didn't you, um…didn't you say we needed to look for a Flame Beetle or something?" he asked desperately as she unbuttoned his trousers and tugged down his zipper. He drew in a ragged breath when she gripped his cock in her small, pale hand and slid her thumb over the tip.

"Oh, Harry," Luna said sadly. "You can't find Flame Beetles in caves." She leaned forward to lick the tip, sliding her hand down to grip from the base.

"No?" Harry asked distractedly, leaning his head back against the cave wall in defeat.

"Of course not," Luna replied, pumping with her hand while her mouth was otherwise occupied. "You can only find them in dry climates. They live in the sand--" another quick swipe of her tongue over the tip of his cock "—and build impressive underground colonies that are even more complex and efficient than ants'."

Harry choked out a whimper when her mouth slid over his cock again, this time to swallow it whole. His fingers found the sides of her head, winding through the messy blonde strands. "That's…fascinating," he managed as he slid further into the wet heat of her mouth. He struggled to keep his hips still but couldn't keep from rocking forward a couple of times as the pressure started building. And when she cupped his balls in her free hand and squeezed gently, all self control flew out the window and he bucked wildly, crying out as he spurted into her mouth.

"You came quickly this time," Luna observed calmly as he slumped, boneless, against the wall. She tucked him into his trousers and zipped him up. "Perhaps you were worried about getting caught and found the situation arousing."

Harry nodded wordlessly, still struggling to catch his breath.

Luna cocked her head to the side and looked at him with wide, unblinking eyes. "I hope that you're not angry with me for lying to you about the Flame Beetles, Harry. I knew that otherwise you would never agree to a romantic tryst, and I thought you might forgive me once you came and were more relaxed."

Harry couldn't help the bark of laughter that escaped his throat. "No, I'm definitely not angry." He reached out and took her hand in his, pulling her closer and skimming a hand down over her hip. "Now I'm just disappointed that we don't have any excuse to be here any longer."

"Oh, we don't need an excuse if you want to stay here and give me an orgasm," Luna told him kindly, guiding his hand under her skirt. "There's plenty more to discover if you're in the mood."

Tags: character: harry, character: luna, fic, fic: hp, pairing: harry/luna
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