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Disclaimer: The fiction presented in this journal is for entertainment purposes only. I claim no ownership over anything at all, and no money is being made.
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12 March 2020 @ 09:44 am
Disclaimer: The fiction presented in this journal is for entertainment purposes only. I claim no ownership over anything at all, and no money is being made.

My Drabbles
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01 May 2012 @ 10:55 pm
Title: Wingman
Characters: Gen; Steve + Danny friendship
Summary: After Steve accidentally comes out to Danny, Danny offers to accompany him to a gay bar and be his wingman.
Rating: PG-13 for language and mentions of sex.
Content/spoilers: Humor, angst, friendship. Allusions to 2x10 but nothing super spoilery.
Warnings: Mentions of homophobia, anxiety about being out.
Word count: ~3700
A/N: I started this ages ago but finally decided to finish it. Thanks very much to imaginarycircus, shinysylver, and shes_gone for all of their help. ♥ I made changes after they looked at it, so all mistakes are mine.

Look, I'll go with you. I'll find the tightest jeans in my closet and we'll go have a couple of beers, and if anyone asks, I'll tell them you give excellent head.Collapse )
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04 April 2012 @ 09:10 pm
Title: Five-One
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Danny + one surly alien
Summary: Danny should be at Grace's birthday party right now. Instead, he's dragging an unconscious alien across miles of sand. Why do rogue spaceships always land in the desert anyway?
Rating: PG-13
Content: AU
Warnings: Language, brief mention of torture
Word Count: ~2100
Author's Notes: Written for earthquakedream for Round 2 of the h50_exchange. Inspired by a scene from the movie Independence Day. Thanks to shinysylver for her suggestions and to imaginarycircus for putting up with me. ♥ I made changes after they looked at it, so all mistakes are mine.

Two hours. That's what you told me this morning. Two hours, tops, and we'd be back in Roswell and this guy would be in a holding cell getting strip-searched by the guys at NASA.Collapse )
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Title: I've Heard That Song Before
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Summary: Tony Archer makes good on his marriage counseling offer.
Warnings/spoilers: No warnings; spoilers for 2x18
Word count: 300
A/N: Written for week 2 of the sd_ldws. The genre was romance, the prompt was "You don't know what you're talking about," and the word limit was 300. Title from a Frank Sinatra song.

You want my advice? Tony asks, after Steve and Danny have spent ten minutes arguing over instances in which it would be acceptable to dangle a suspect out of a helicopter.Collapse )
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07 March 2012 @ 07:58 am
LOL, I'm almost too embarrassed to post this but I got 2nd place this week so...yay!

Title: Personal space
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Word count: 410
Content: AU, crack/nonsense
Summary: In which Steve and Danny are raccoons, and Steve communicates his feelings the only way he knows how.
A/N: Written for sd_ldws, week one. Genre was crack, prompt was "raccoon," and the word limit was 300. This is the slightly expanded version.

Why are you in my tree, tracking feathers everywhere, when I specifically told you I was gonna eat a worm and go to bed early?Collapse )
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30 December 2011 @ 11:58 pm
Title: If the mountain
Author: tailoredshirt
Recipient: simplyn2deep
Summary: Danny spends Christmas alone. Or maybe not.
Pairing: Danny/Kono
Rating: PG
Warnings/content: Just a bit of angst and hurt/comfort. Spoilers for 1x18.
Word count: ~2200
A/N: Written for simplyn2deep for h50_holidayswap. simplyn2deep, I hope you enjoy this! Thanks very much to shinysylver for the beta and brainstorming and to nova33 for all of her help and suggestions. <3

(By the way, I know it's called a mjolner!)

The thing is, he should really be used to this by now. It's not like this is the first holiday he's spent without her.Collapse )
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Title: You take me by the heart when you take me by the fin
Author: tailoredshirt
Recipient: ratherastory
Summary: Danny wakes one night to find that a baby seal has wandered into his apartment. And it doesn't want to leave.
Pairing/characters: Danny, Grace [+Steve/Danny]
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/content: Language. And, as you can probably tell from the title, the whole thing is a little silly.
Word Count: ~6k
A/N: Written for ratherastory for h50_holidayswap. ratherastory, I was writing a completely different fic for you but then sirona_gs linked to this adorable news article about a baby seal who wandered into a woman's home and made itself comfortable on her couch, and suddenly I had to write this fic for you instead. I hope you enjoy it!

Also, I'm not an expert on seals or animal rescues or anything of the kind. I got some help from wikipedia, youtube, and google and made up the rest. I'm certain the protocol for dealing with this situation would be very different in real life, but then I wouldn't have this story! Please forgive any errors.

Thanks very much to shes_gone for reading all of my drafts and helping me brainstorm, and to alba17 for the last minute beta. ♥

Danny thinks he's hallucinating.Collapse )
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Title: I'm setting us in stone (piece by piece)
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Summary: After Steve and Danny are exposed to an untested drug during a raid on a pharmaceutical warehouse, they experience some unusual side effects.
Rating/content: NC-17 for chemical-induced sex, marathon sex, rimming, dirty talk, lots of hand-waving
Word count: ~8k
Author's Notes: Written for round one of h50_exchange for ember_firedrake, who gave me the prompt of "Marathon sex...Steve and Danny, having sex for hours because nothing they do is enough. Established relationship preferred." Thanks very much to my patient cheerleaders and alpha/beta readers, shes_gone, nova33, and delicatale, as well as imaginarycircus for all of her last minute helping and hand-holding. This fic would be a mess without you all. ♥ Title from a song by the xx.

And maybe that should have been Danny's first clue that something was wrong, that he'd jizzed all over the upholstery in Steve's truck and Steve hadn't even seemed to notice.Collapse )
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Title: Put your money where your mouth is
Pairing: Steve/Danny/Kono
Summary: In which Steve has a wicked tongue, Danny has a dirty mouth, and Kono enjoys both at once.
Rating/content: NC-17 for graphic sex and dirty talk; no spoilers (or plot)
Word count: ~1600
A/N: This is shameless porn, which I am just now finishing to get it out of my WIP folder. Thanks to imaginarycircus for indulging me! ♥

The slow burn, Danny likes to call it: tendrils of smoke curling deep in her belly before he ignites the match and lets her shatter.Collapse )